R101: 10 UST Organizations That We’re Eyeing At This Year’s Recruitment Fair

Hello BS Org.

Appealed by the idea of being a BS Org but don’t know where to start? We got you!

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Standing in front of a buffet might just be one of the most complex circumstances a human can ever experience. There is an overwhelming array of dishes laid out in front of you, presented in the most appealing manner. Through fancy plating and mouth-watering descriptions, an internal conflict of where to start tasting dawns.

Much like drowning in a buffet, picking out the right organization to spice up your college life brings the same sensation of excitement and pressure. As universities gear towards a new academic year, recruitment for organizations has been opening left and right. One university on our list is The University of Santo Tomas (UST), which has been putting immense effort and passion into showcasing its own organizations through R101. 


Simply put, UST’s R101 is a two-week-long recruitment event organized by the Student Organizations Coordinating Council (SOCC), the central body of all recognized university-wide and college-based organizations of UST. (PS. SOCC is also recruiting members!). Every year, SOCC disseminates a recruitment theme for all organizations to follow suit and this year could not have gone any better because we are celebrating nostalgia with a Taylor Swift 1989-coded theme. What’s not to love?

Still trying to decide which path to take? Well, you’re in luck because we’re listing a few organizations you might want to look out for in the oldest university in the Philippines. 


This youth-led global leadership organization might just catapult your career into fields of communication and building life-long connections inside and outside of the country. AIESEC in UST will help you maximize your fullest potential as an effective member of society, even beyond the Thomasian Community. Recently, AIESEC has successfully executed PR events with big brands like Uniqlo and even engaged in a community development project with GMA Kapuso Foundation.

UST Mountaineering 

UST also offers organizations that open up opportunities for fitness and reconnection with nature. UST Mountaineering is an organization full of people who share the same passion for hiking and discovering breathtaking sceneries, one peak at a time. 


UST is home to the most explosive events that get the whole country talking! TOMCAT is the premier events management and media production organization of the university. This organization is one of the masterminds behind some of the most notable events in UST, like #BalikUSTe2019 and Tunog Tomasino. Get to know what it’s like working in the production industry, packaged with the constant rush of thrill as thousands of Thomasians look forward to every output you put out! 

UST Tiger TV and UST Tiger Radio

Powered by Tiger Media Network, UST Tiger TV and UST Tiger Radio is the official broadcasting arm of the University of Santo Tomas. This team of dedicated student-volunteers is the backbone of several remarkable events that definitely make the Thomasian experience more magical! 

UST Hiraya

If you think that active involvement in advocating for social issues is your cup of tea, then UST Hiraya is the perfect organization for you. With Hiraya being the premier advocacy-based organization of UST, you will surely find at least one cause you can be passionate about. May it be on Anti-Violence Against Women, Cultural Diversity, Gender Equity, or Mental Health, Hiraya is an avenue for like-minded individuals with one heart for societal progress. 


Much like UST Hiraya, UST UNESCO also uses its platform to advocate for causes that contribute to the progression of the Thomasian community in fields of peace, education, culture, natural, human and social sciences, and communication and information. Getting involved in causes like this may ignite a certain spark in your heart to strive and become a better member of society.

Thomasian Film Society

Some organizations have the power to culminate individuals with the same interests in the hopes of creating something remarkable. If you’re a film enthusiast or someone who aspires to be a filmmaker, the Thomasian Film Society might just be the perfect place for you! Sharing a space with people who have the same amount of passion for artistic storytelling might just ignite a few inspirations for your next project!

UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe

Of course, who hasn’t heard of this dance troupe who has been headlining UAAP for a while now? UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe has finally opened its doors for new aspiring dancers, cheerleaders, and artists who are ready to groove their way toward the golden legacy of Salinggawi. 


Mediartrix is your ultimate one-stop shop organization for all your multimedia interests may it be musicals, film, writing, graphics, dancing, singing, or anything art-related. This organization is active in continuously honing the artistic capabilities of Thomasians who wish to seek an outlet for their creativity. Get in touch with people who are as vibrant as your passions!


For those who are into writing and photography, the multimedia journalism organization TomasinoWeb might be the perfect home for you! Hailed as UST’s premier digital media organization, TomasinoWeb is home to students who love to engage themselves in current events and information dissemination, served in the most engaging ways possible.

If you didn’t find an organization for you from this list, worry not as these are just a few of the amazing roster of insightful organizations UST offers. You still have your college-wide organizations so make sure to look into that! 

UST holds some of the brightest campus stories and a lot of them are created within the spaces of an organization you can soon call home! Don’t be afraid to take a leap and get a taste of what a found family means. 

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