This Pinoy TikToker Had A Bejeweled Moment With Taylor Swift

Mikael did THAT.

It’s a whole ‘nother level of shimmer for Mikael Arellano who’s living the Swiftie dream.

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Not everyone has the chance to personally meet their idols, and it’s even rarer to share a truly enchanting moment with them However, Mikael Arellano, a Filipino TikTok star and proud Swiftie, had an unforgettable encounter with her idol Taylor Swift during one of her Eras Tour concerts, where the viral Bejeweled dance creator lived out the ultimate dream cherished by every Swiftie out there.


Back in October, Mikael Arellano transformed one of Taylor Swift’s songs into something truly iconic. With the anticipation building for the Bejeweled music video, Mikael’s excitement overflowed, leading him to create his own choreography for the song, resulting in a viral sensation on TikTok. Mikael’s captivating Bejeweled dance mesmerized millions of viewers, even catching the attention of Taylor Swift herself as she included it in the official choreography of the song for the tour. It’s safe to say that Mikael truly made the world shimmer.


♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

And after creating a dance craze that was approved by the actual artist, Mikael continues to win in life. During the Philadelphia leg of Taylor Swift’s already historic tour, Mikael experienced an unforgettable series of events. Not only did he witness his favorite artist perform his favorite songs, while dancing his own creation in the jam-packed Lincoln Financial Field, but he also had the privilege of sharing a special moment with his idol.

@mikaelarellano I BARELY SLEPT!!! #taylorswift #swiftie #swifttok #theerastour #bejeweled ♬ Screaming crying throwing up Blank Space edit – Cowboy Han

In case you didn’t know, Taylor Swift selects a lucky fan at her concerts to receive a signed number 22 bucket hat. And in the Philly concert, Mikael was the chosen one. Not only did he receive the coveted hat, but he also had the incredible opportunity to witness Taylor Swift herself perform his Bejeweled dance moves, hold his hand, and exchange flying kisses face-to-face. Mikael is truly one blessed Swiftie. “Best night of my life,” he captions the video of him in cloud nine.

@mikaelarellano best night of my life ❤️❤️ #taylorswift #swiftie #swifttok #tstheerastour #phillytstheerastour ♬ original sound – Mikael Arellano

This extraordinary moment is also a testament to the support of other Swifties, who rallied behind Mikael when he faced minor issues with Taylor Swift’s team leading up to the concert. Initially, Mikael had trouble getting the tickets promised to him, which then prompted his fellow stans to take it to the internet to plea for Mikael to be granted front-row seating, all the free merchandise, and, of course, the famous 22 hat; things befitting the man who made Bejeweled an online hit. This turn of events is a heartwarming full-circle moment for Mikael and all the other Swifties. Who knows which Taylor Swift song Mikael will make iconic next?

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