Pinoy Actresses Willing To Do A GL

Give These Pinay Actresses A GL! They’re Totally Down For It

Girls for the girls.

From Xyriel Manabat to Maris Racal, these Filipino actresses have made it known they’d be totally willing to work on a GL (Girls’ Love) project.

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The landscape of Philippine media is no doubt changing, and the emergence of queer and sapphic stories mark a movement that’s diverse, inclusive, and considerate. From international BLs and GLs (Boys’ Love and Girls’ Love series), to local queer movies like Baka Bukas (2016) or Rainbow’s Sunset (2018), as well as series like Sleep with Me (2022) and Gameboys (2020), our repertoire of Filipino LGBTQIA+ media is growing and expanding, and many actors have expressed that they would definitely be down to play a role or two in a queer film or series, even if it would be a challenge.

Of course, it’d be ideal if queer actors played diverse queer roles and front GL projects as proper representation will always matter. But if these actresses are wholeheartedly open to doing these projects, then why not? There’s more than enough space for a myriad of diverse queer stories, and it’s high time we tell them. From Kaori Oinuma to Gabbi Garcia, these actresses below are pretty willing to help tell them.


@ko_0722 bigyan ng gl yan hehe #KaoriOinuma #fypシ #fyp ♬ 3D (feat. Jack Harlow) – Jung Kook & Jack Harlow

On our own SEATED With NYLON Manila podcast, Kaori joked about being given a GL with best friend Vivoree Esclito. And then during an interview with Marites Unviersity for her series Fractured (2023), she admitted that she really wants to do a GL, and with Gillian Vicencio—Tox from 2 Good To Be True (2022) and her co-star in A Very Good Girl (2023). It seems like a GL has been on her mind for a while. Directors, get on a call with Kaori now.


During the Senior High finale media conference, Xyriel Manabat expressed her preference to have her first official onscreen kiss with a woman (her character Roxy’s kiss with Elijah Canlas’ Archie was mimed). “Feeling ko mas komportable ako pag ganon,” she remarked. “Feeling ko walang ilangan, less issue, less hassle, and experience siya, eh, so parang fulfilling po siya [as an actress.]” When asked who she would like to be partnered with, she mentioned she was open to anyone, but her co-star and friend Andrea Brillantes came to mind.


@teamblytheforever andrea and xyriel in a gl if ever? yes pls! #SeniorHigh #AndreaBrillantes #LuckyBeauty #ComedyIsland #DragYouAndMe #Trending #Fyp #Blythe #LunaCruz #SkyCruz #ABCDGirls #BrilliantSkin ♬ original sound – Lili 🌷| Team Andrea B

In response to Xyriel, Andrea mentioned that she’s observed that there were plenty of BL series going around, but not a lot of GLs. In terms of series, that’s definitely true, considering there are only a handful of sapphic series that have achieved as much fame and success as BLs globally, and even less locally that are good or sensitive portrayals of the queer community. Andrea would be comfortable enough to do one if it was with her best friend, Xyriel, but she’s considerate of the latter’s boyfriend.


In an interview with MEGA, Maris Racal—currently Irene Tiu in DonBelle-starrer series Can’t Buy Me Love—shared her dream project of working on a rom-com GL, where she’d love to work with Barbie Forteza and Nadine Lustre. Early last year, the actress even quoted a post from Philippine TV & Film Updates that paired Maris and Barbie as actors who they’d love to see work together, saying she’s “sobrang game if ever 🥹”. Barbie was game, too, so now we’re just hoping and praying.


“Dream role ko yan, kasi sa all-girls school ako galing.” remarked actress Gabbi Garcia on a livestream where she and Encantadia (2016) co-star Kylie Padilla talked about doing a GL. Fellow former all-girls school student Kylie herself has starred in a GL, BetCin, alongside Andrea Torres. They also laughingly expressed a desire to work on a GL with their fellow Encantadia Sang’gres Glaiza de Castro and Sanya Lopez. “Gusto mo kaming apat pa, eh, nag-aagawan kami!”


As talks of a T-Bird At Ako (1982) remake with Nadine Lustre and Kathryn Bernardo make the rounds on social media, with OG star Vilma Santos expressing her approval, Nadine herself was asked how she felt about being fancast. “It’s very challenging,” she answered honestly, referring to the level of intimacy required for projects like that and issues she’s had before. “But ako naman, I’m always game for challenges.”


“Of course, why not?” Was Darna (2022-2023) co-stars Jane de Leon and Janella Salvador’s response to being asked if they were willing to consider doing a GL series. Fans have wanted the two, whose portrayal of Darna and villainess Valentina led to “Darlentina,” a popular ship among fans, to star in their own GL together for a while now, and it’s simply only a matter of time.

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