Pia Wurtzbach Serves Another Queen Moment After Finishing Her First Marathon

Pia did THAT.

Another day, another milestone achieved by our queen Pia Wurtzbach after a successful run at her first marathon in New York.

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A beauty queen, actress, role model, mental health advocate, fitspiration, and now, a full-blown marathoner, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach reminds us yet again that she has not stopped wearing the crown and her inspiring reign of bringing confidence with a heart continues. This is after Queen Pia realized her dream of becoming a marathoner after successfully finishing the New York City marathon.


“I did it, we did it!” Pia’s jubilant Instagram post caption reads after a triumphant run at the New York City Marathon on November 7, Philippine time. “The NYC Marathon wasn’t a race,” she continues. ”It was an experience. A life lesson. I am so happy and grateful, inspired, humbled, and emotional…lahat na!”

Pia Wurtzbach poses for a photo after the marathon

And Pia has all the reasons to celebrate because it’s her first time to run a marathon and it’s no less than the popular NYC Marathon to boot. To get a grasp of how big of an achievement it is for Pia, the marathon course spans 26.2 miles (that’s a whopping 42.2 kilometers) and runs across the five boroughs of New York City. Pia has powered through the course for over six hours and belongs to almost 50,000 marathon finishers. What a feat indeed!

“This medal represents how important it is that we keep the promises we make to ourselves,” shares Pia who sports a golden medal in a photo. “To me, it was running because I wanted a new challenge, a new discipline–to be healthier & to step out my comfort zone, to see how far I can go.” What also fueled Pia to push through the race was the support of our Filipino kababayans in the Big Apple who went prepared with banners and cheers for our beloved queen.

In an IG post days before, Pia shared that it was her fiancée Jeremy Jauncey who first knew about her secret dream of running a marathon. She even joked that she was embarrassed to tell him about it as she couldn’t even last for 10 minutes on a treadmill. “Nahiya ako, but I wanted it,” asserts Pia. “I just needed to make it into reality…and now here we are.”

Pia also teases about an upcoming reel where she documents her journey from the training to the marathon. “Pwede ko na ring sabihin ngayon: Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach from the Philippines, proudly a NYC marathon finisher,” says Pia as she ends the celebratory post on a proud and positive note. To more milestones, Queen P!

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