These Were The Performers Who Rocked The NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards Night

Big, bold, and brave performances.

It wasn’t just a night of awards at the NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards Party as some of the hottest young artists of today set the stage on fire, figuratively of course.

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Music has, is, and will always be a core part of NYLON Manila’s DNA. This is why when we held the Big Bold Brave Awards Night and after party, the event couldn’t be complete without musical performances. And besides, no great party is complete if there aren’t any performances to get guests moving and on their feet. During the Awards Night Party, we had a lineup of young musicians who did just that and made sure that the night would be one to remember. Here are the performers that slayed the NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards Night Party stage.


Child actress turned teen star Krystal Brimner began the night’s festivities as the opening act. She performed her single Let Me Be Me dressed in an attention grabbing iridescent tube top and pants. She gave young pop star vibes with her performance. Krystal also served double duty that night as she was also the event host.


If you familiar who Paul Pablo is, you know that the rising artist is anything but simple. So, when it was his turn to perform his song Di Inakala, he stunned in an embroidered coat and ruched purple pants. He channeled the energy of the pop track in his performance and turned the stage like it was his own concert.   


nylon manila big bold brave awards night party

Guests that night were treated to a special performance from Careless Music Manila as two of their artists graced the Big Bold Brave Awards Night stage. Up first was Jolianne whose ethereal vocals echoed throughout the venue. She must have eaten a CD before she performed because her vocals were on-point.


nylon manila big bold brave awards night party

Up next after Jolianne was Massiah who served as the final performance of the night. While we were far from Dumaguete, he made sure to bring the island life to the party. Keeping things simple in a white suit, the rapper brought the island energy and even went off the stage to perform by the audience to get us all hyped. Even a slight wardrobe malfunction couldn’t stop him from turning it out.  


nylon manila big bold brave awards night party

The afterparty lives or dies by how good the DJ’s setlist is. This is why DJ Patty Tiu made sure to deliver on that front that made everyone want to dance. She, along with Hannah Ichiko, MC Ice, and the rest of the Thompson Collective more brought the music, beats, bass drops, energy, and hype that tempted even the most introverted of guests to get moving. The dance floor at House Manila that night was very much booked and busy.

Photo credits to Daryl Nacario, Mike Gella, and Jan Mayo.

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