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8 Stars Who Are Proud Outfit Repeaters

Clothes aren’t disposable!

It’s about damn time we normalize re-wearing outfits as long as we please.

We know the feeling of magically falling in love at first sight when we buy a new piece of clothing. But once you’ve worn them, sometimes, the romance suddenly dissipates. Trust us, we know the feeling all too well. (Yes, Taylor Swift.) It’s essentially the same thing with relationships when you’ve gotten past the honeymoon stage. (Ooops!) But in all honesty, being able to re-wear and repeat an outfit deserves no stigma, especially in an economy like this.

More than anything, it’s a flex of your styling capabilities all while being able to lessen the continuous pile up of clothing waste. ‘Cause we aren’t just buying clothes for that fit pic on the ‘Gram, aren’t we? Time to put them to good use IRL. Below, we’ve listed down notable celebrities who DGAF when it comes to repeating outfits. 

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Mimiyuuuh is no stranger to repeating outfits. That heart-shaped corset top you’ve seen on her Instagram feed? It also made it to her shoots and events.


Even Anne Curtis couldn’t resist re-wearing this beautiful little black dress made by Neric Beltran from an event to a taping. We also love how she went from sultry to grungy by just switching her accessories.


Like the sweetheart that she is, Belle Mariano is as mindful when it comes to maximizing her clothing purchases. As she said in a past interview, “Puwede mo namang labhan, ‘di ba?” Facts.


Georgina originally wore this The Attico look to the Sunnies Face launch in 2018, and we’re more than happy to see her giving it another spin years later.


Ken Suson of SB19 has always been vocal about how he believes clothes are sacred. We love how he always re-wears his designer hoodies and pants!


When you get your hands on vintage designer steals, you don’t just wear them once! Take for example his all-black coords from Ludovic de Saint Sernin that was worn at an event and on the beach. Photographer BJ Pascual believes it’s the measure of a true investment once you’ve worn them again.


Who else wouldn’t want to repeat outfits if you’ve got access to your father’s wide archive of concert looks from the 80s and 90s? 


We stan a girl who restyles her clothes in many ways. Nadine Lustre previously wore this white corset to a performance a few years ago, but was brought out of the closet once again when she went to a private party.

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