6 Reasons Why Our Beloved Summer’s Choi Ung Will Always Be The Epitome Of Green Flags

Our wholesome king.

We can learn a thing or two from Choi Ung about relationship standards and becoming a better partner.

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Our Beloved Summer’s relevance has braved through all seasons of love despite being released two years ago. How can we forget the show that set our relationship standards through the ceiling? All the warm moments from our beloved characters are now etched in our hearts forever, carrying the lessons we got from them throughout our journey of life (and love).

This K-drama was a celebration of love in all forms, and one character definitely embodied whichever existing love languages there are. Choi Ung, played by renowned South Korean actor Choi Wooshik, has become the worldwide epitome of green flags since the series first aired in 2021, and we’re counting down *some* of our favorite qualities of his.

Choi Ung Is Patient, Choi Ung Is Kind

Choi Ung is what love is supposed to be: patient and kind. He has proved his genuine love toward his love interest Yeonsu over time, and we can only wish to have our own Choi Ung. He is empathetic and understanding, but he knows when to stand his ground and affirm his own beliefs. He has shown himself to be immovable when it comes to loving Yeonsu, who is also in constant struggle to keep herself afloat due to internal battles. Thankfully, Ung understands this and remains to be Yeonsu’s rock all throughout his days. What more can we ask for in a guy?

King Of Communication

Yeonsu isn’t the best when it comes to communicating what she truly feels, so it becomes a big rumble of thoughts even though she is having a hard time unraveling. Ung, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to let Yeonsu know what he feels. While Yeonsu trips in her own words, Ung is patient and gentle with her so she can truly communicate with him. Ung is also aware of Yeonsu’s communication limits, that is why learned how to understand Yeonsu beyond words. Needless to say, he was able to master this ability. 

It’s The Little Things

It’s not always about the grandiose gestures that define the amount of love one has to give into a relationship, and Choi Ung is the proof of that. His little gestures toward Yeonsu are what made him the ultimate boyfriend material everyone dreams of having. That little scene of Ung supporting Yeonsu’s bag while walking? *Chef’s kiss*. 

The Ultimate Golden Retriever Boyfriend

It’s not just how Choi Ung expresses his love but also the way he acts is what melts our hearts. From his silly antics with Yeonsu and Ji-Ung, to habits he developed just so he can keep up with Yeonsu’s lifestyle. It’s his whole existence that keeps our hearts at bay. Not to mention his closet palette and curly hair that goes so well with his personality! 

Always, He’ll Care

Lovers Ung and Yeonsu have been away from each other for five years after the messy and brutal break-up the two had. But during this time, it was revealed that both of them hadn’t really moved on from each other. Ung had never lost his love for Yeonsu, even after everything. Despite the many heights Ung has attained with his craft, he always seeks to rest his heart in his home, Yeonsu.

What It Really Means To Be Constant

A recurring theme within the K-drama was the fact that Choi Ung only draws sceneries and architecture because, to him, these are the only things that remain “constant.” However, during Episode 16, we got a glimpse of Ung’s first and only human drawing, and it was, of course, his Yeonsu. Yeonsu was one of the only constant things in his life, and he was sure of that.

We can learn a thing or two from Choi Ung about relationship standards and becoming a better partner. For a relationship to truly work, both parties must exert the right actions in an effort to compromise each other’s lapses. Ung and Yeonsu’s relationship has become an excellent example of give and take in a relationship and how love is a two-way street. 

This goes out to everyone seeking a significant other. May Choi Ung’s character remind us that love is supposed to be patient and kind, and that there are still people like Ung walking on this world of ours.

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