NYLON Manila’s Second Anniversary Cover Stars Showcase A New Generation Of Beauty 

A modern take on high-fashion to 60’s mod makeup.

As the new generation of influential individuals, Miel Pangilinan, Kendra Kramer, and Mavy Legaspi redefined classic beauty looks for their NYLON Manila cover shoot. 

What a year it’s been. From getting stuck in our homes, to being able to finally step out to breathe fresh air, it’s safe to say things are going back to the way they used to be— except this time, our lives and routines feel much different. Like beauty, we’ve seen trends from the past and present mold together to make anew. It’s the year of the revival, and for this quarter’s NYLON Manila cover shoot, our cover stars Miel Pangilinan, Kendra Kramer, and Mavy Legaspi take us on a re-imagination of the past with their hair and makeup as they take on new heights, new waves, and new perspectives. 


Miel Pangilinan Nylon Manila

The 1960’s marked a new era of music, culture, fashion, and beauty standards. Some might have a thing or two to say about that era, but during that time, the latest trends were welcomed with open arms. Much like the golden age, Miel introduces her unapologetic self to the world in her latest NYLON Manila cover and she’s ready to show us what she’s got. 

No one else can pull off a 60s mod look other than Miel Pangalinan herself. A soft smoky eye, bold lashes, and a peachy-nude lip to match, professional makeup artist Charlie Manapat took beauty techniques from the era and applied light contour and highlight for a dewy effect reminiscent of a modern-day makeup trend; perfectly harmonizing two generations of beauty together. 

Miel Pangilinan Nylon Manila

What really wrapped this look together was Miel’s take on the bombshell; a big half up-do with a flowy and voluminous bottom section, which hairstylist Christian from MUD Studio Manila achieved by separating the hair into layers, teasing the inner section to create a dome shape for that full bombshell effect. Redefining the ‘do, Christian attached hair embellishments and shiny statement clips to keep the look up-to-date.


Mavy Legaspi Nylon Manila

Despite having a public persona, Mavy Legaspi makes sure to stay true to himself through self love. This explains why he is so comfortable with his masculinity; unfazed by things as simple as makeup or something as complex as receiving hateful comments. 

For his first NYLON Manila cover shoot, makeup artist Gela Laurel went all natural for Mavy’s look. A skin-like base to highlight his clear complexion, and light contour to highlight the shadows of his cheekbones. She also defined his brows and added a tint to his lips for a dash of color. 

Mavy Legaspi Nylon Manila

To match the theme of the makeup, hair stylist Dale Mallari focused on showcasing the actor’s natural wavy curls. Using a miniature straightener, he sectioned the hair to mold the hair into waves and applies a pomade to add texture and volume for that carefree effect. Mavy’s charming personality definitely shines through from the hair down to the makeup, showing both his character as an individual and as an actor. 


Kendra Kramer Nylon Manila

No longer a charming little star, Kendra Kramer is now a multifaceted teenager ready to reveal herself to the world. For a young girl like her, she is certainly doing the most—and it’s all thanks to her number one supporters, her family, whom she gets her guidance and encouragement from. Also known as Ate KenKen, she is a big inspiration not only to her younger siblings, but to her peers as well. 

As a multifaceted princess, her NYLON Manila cover shoot makeup is based off of Twiggy’s iconic beauty. To highlight Kendra’s clear complexion, Makeup artist Justine Navato executed a dewy base and light contour on the eyes and cheek bones. What made the glam inspired by the British icon was mascara applied to her lashes, specifically the bottom lashes, and a nude lip to match, similar to Twiggy. 

Kendra Kramer Nylon Manila

High-fashion? Yes, please! Living up to her model fantasy, hairstylist Raymond Ko kept Kendra’s hair in-check at all times. Long and straight layered hair with full bangs definitely gave that editorial-esque effect to the teen star’s look. Ate KenKen looks ready to strut the runway with her stylish ‘do.