WE’RE H3RE: NYLON Manila’s Big, Bold, Brave Awards Is Back, Back, Back Again

All aboard the train.

For its third outing, NYLON Manila’s Big, Bold, Brave Awards will recognize even more movers and barrier-breakers in Filipino pop culture.

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Are we there yet?

It’s practically clockwork for us here at NYLON Manila to be on the lookout for what’s new, now, and next in Philippine pop culture. After all, one of the main pillars of the brand is to hero, feature, and champion the movers and shakers of Pinoy youth. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing with our Big, Bold, Brave Awards, which has quickly become our biggest event of the year.

For the past two years, the endeavor has highlighted dozens of nominees from across the vast spectrum of pop culture, beauty, fashion, social media, and more. And every time, you guys descend our website polls as you show your immense love to the nominees that you hope to win. With a new year upon us, it’s about time that we do just that again which is why NYLON Manila is proud to announce the third edition of the Big, Bold, Brave Awards.


Like with years past, this year’s Big, Bold, Brave awards is set to feature, champion, and celebrate nominees who did their thing and were on everyone’s lips in the past year in the fields of music, TV, film, fashion, social media, beauty, art, and more. And of course, all of this will be driven by the people who make it all happen—you—the winners of each sub-category will be chosen via fan vote.

While many of our nominees have made a name for themselves in different fields, one thing that connects them is how they got the audience talking about what they do best and consequently, inspiring them to be at their best. This is why Big, Bold, Brave Awards 2023 is taking on the theme of arrival, with the nominees definitively saying that they are here. Reaching its destination, all the nominees have put their pin on their moment as conversation movers and starters in pop culture.

Speaking of nominees, in recognition of just how diverse and expansive Pinoy pop culture is, we’ve decided to expand our list to include even more sub-categories. The result is more than a hundred nominees across this year’s Awards. It really is our biggest, boldest, and bravest yet. Once voting is done, all roads will then lead to a special awards night party set to happen later this month, which will celebrate the nominees and winners.

Stay tuned to NYLON Manila’s social media channels for more updates on the launch of Big, Bold, Brave Awards 2023, which will happen very soon. Voting will be done exclusively on NYLON Manila’s website once the polls launch for a fun, fair, and smooth voting experience.