How Creator Nicole Torres Is Embracing Change With The Launch Of Lifestyle Brand NONSTATIQUE

How Content Creator Nicole Torres Is Embracing Change With The Launch Of Lifestyle Brand NONSTATIQUE

Always in motion.

YouTuber at 14, entrepreneur at 20, Nicole Torres of Princess and Nicole fame takes a leap of faith and embraces change with the launch of her brand NONSTATIQUE.

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Nicole Torres has been in the content creation game since she was barely a teenager. The YouTuber, creator, and sophomore at De La Salle University-Manila got her start at 14 as one-half of YouTuber sister duo Princess and Nicole. The two have made fashion, beauty, and lifestyle vlogs for over six years, and now Nicole is embarking on a solo journey that’s getting her to embrace the change that comes with growing up.

Princess and Nicole, with her older sister Princess Torres, has earned over 600K subscribers, with videos that have amassed almost 50 million total views. Nicole’s solo channel, which she started in 2022, has about 160K subscribers. Both the content on Princess and Nicole and Nicole’s solo content focus on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and daily life content—consistently people’s favorites whether content is in 20-minute vlogs or 60-second TikToks.

But even before becoming a YouTuber, at only six, Nicole did modeling, acting, and TV commercials, already dipping her toes into the world of media and entertainment. Taking everything she’s learned so far, the full-time student and content creator is now donning her entrepreneur hat and launching lifestyle brand NONSTATIQUE.

Much can be said about how content creation empowers young creators to start on paths that they perhaps would not have taken had they not been creators first. From financial security to character, what is built when one becomes a successful creator gets you a leg up on life. But that doesn’t account for the faith and strength required to actually walk down paths that lead to the unknown. Read all about the beginning of Nicole Torres’ new journey in our interview with the content creator below.


I envision a world where people embrace change, celebrate growth, and choose lives that are less static—hence the name “NONSTATIQUE.” It’s a gender-neutral brand and community that aims not only to sell products but also to cultivate a sense of belonging among its audience. We just launched this January 16 and our first release includes the Classic Totes—designed for individuals whether they’re out and about, going on coffee dates, attending classes, meetings, or wherever life takes them.

The idea is simple, to accompany individuals in reaching their goals, making them feel they are doing something for themselves and transforming their lives into something less static.

What inspired you to start NONSTATIQUE?

The inspiration behind launching NONSTATIQUE originates from my experiences as a content creator, where I openly share almost every aspect of my life. In my ‘day in the life‘ vlogs, I often receive questions about managing a bustling life—juggling academics, brand collaborations, travels, family time, but still taking time for myself.

While I know there’s no universal key to life my personal approach is simply to give my best each time. I founded NONSTATIQUE with a broader vision—to evolve into a global symbol of inspiration. I want to create products that resonate with people on a deeper level, where individuals feel something meaningful when they have them. 

You and your sister found success on your joint YouTube channel. What inspired the decision to go on your own creative paths as individuals even as you still make content together?

My sister and I started our YouTube career at a very young age. Now that we’re entering adulthood, we’ve come to appreciate the value of independence and the opportunity to develop our skills in different areas. We’ve kind of been living in a “bubble” for a while, doing everything together—filming, attending events, brand promotions, and more.

Lately, we’ve realized that a key to personal growth can be found in exploring more on our own. It doesn’t mean we’re saying no to what we’ve done together before, or that we’ll be quitting in our joint platforms. It’s like breaking out of our bubble to see what else is out there!

What about your brand makes it uniquely Nicole instead of Princess and Nicole? 

While Princess and Nicole focuses on spreading fun and laughter to our audience, I believe my brand takes a different path. It’s more personal and authentically represents who I am and what I stand for. The process of creating NONSTATIQUE is like a manifestation of my individuality. From the design aesthetics to the core values, every choice reflects my commitment to authenticity and the joy of creating something that resonates deeply with both myself and those who connect with the brand.


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You started your creator career very young. How have things changed for you now that you’re hitting your twenties?

It’s a mix of emotions entering this thing called adult life. As much as I love the feeling of being able to independently decide on my own, I’m still scared of the uncertainty. I feel like there are bigger responsibilities, but experiencing a sprinkle of “adulthood” while working at a very young age has shaped me to become more mature. I’ve learned the importance of managing time and, most especially, finances.

Thanks also to my ever-supportive family who have been there since day one—they’ve truly guided me throughout my creator career, and I’ll definitely take their advice with me as I enter my twenties.

In your introduction for NONSTATIQUE, you mentioned ignoring opportunities and rejecting possibilities. How did you embrace the philosophy of embracing change and taking risks not just in your career, but in your whole life?

Whenever someone asks about my motto in life, I’d always say, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for,” a quote by Sean Patrick Flanery. I’ve had many moments in life where I doubted myself, but I try to ask myself every now and then, “How am I able to achieve my goals in life if I’m constantly afraid of taking risks?”

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And now, NONSTATIQUE is the epitome of the decision I made to take that leap and pursue my dreams. I believe we get so many opportunities every day. And every day, I am given the chance to make choices that will possibly lead me toward my goals and dreams. So why not take that chance?

What challenges are you expecting to face as you start your own brand and business and how do you hope to overcome them?

I’ve had doubts even during the process of conceptualizing the brand. I could already feel the burden because I realized I’m responsible for everything that’s going to happen from now on. There have been numerous what ifs and uncertainties. It took me a year to finally launch it because I remember every time we had term breaks in our university, that’s the only time I could 100% put my attention to it.

There was a time when I considered scrapping the whole idea because of the time commitment required for planning and production. However, I didn’t want to waste the idea because I realized the concept of my brand could be inspiring or even life-changing for others. So I decided to take that risk. I’m thankful to be working with talented people, both publicly and privately, to launch this brand, so we’re definitely taking it day by day, being open to new ideas. And continuous learning is, I think, the key.

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If you had the chance to talk to young Nicole, who was just starting out on YouTube six years ago, what would you say?

As cliché as it may sound, I would tell her to continue what she is doing because there’s more to life than what she is probably going through right now. There’s a world of possibilities waiting for her. I’d advise her to keep pursuing her passion but also stress the importance of staying true to herself and not letting the opinions of others dictate her path. I’d reassure her that life’s journey might be a rollercoaster, but every twist and turn will be worth it.

Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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