Navigate Girlhood With This New TikTok-Viral Website Made By Girls, For Girls 

Girls for girls.

The ‘girls for girls’ movement keeps getting better with the arrival of this new virtual bestie.

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Oh girlhood, what an array of complexities and chaotic experiences laid out in front of a teenage girl who had just started to get to know the real world. It’s not exactly a plain sailing voyage (it’s going to be brutal if we’re being honest here), but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be wandered alone, especially now with this new women-focused website that has got TikTok talking.

The Pink and Purple Platform

With towering hues of pink and purple, Girlhood is a newly launched website made with the intention of helping teenage girls around the world navigate the twists and turns of, well, girlhood. Thanks to TikTok’s fascinating ability to create such traction, Girlhood is currently the talk of the town.

@gir1hood got that upperhand 💋 website is linked on insta! #girlssupportgirls #positivity #adviceforgirls #teensupport ♬ original sound – bry

Fashioned with the aesthetics of a blog-style online forum, Girlhood is a platform where girls worldwide can give and take advice on any personal issue that they may be facing. Ranging from love to break-ups, to school and self-care tips, Girlhood is an all-in-one virtual bestie a teenage girl needs.

Creators Mia Sugimoto and Sophia Rundle envisioned the website to be as gentle and encouraging as possible, which is also evident on the website’s About page: “We want every girl to know that they belong and that there are girls all over the world willing to help. Every girl has a story, and Girlhood gives them a chance to share it.” 

There Is Always Something For You

Girlhood is pretty packed with diverse content and services tailored specially for adolescent girls. You can either ask for help or be the help. There are several blog entries written by Mia and Sophia, as well as girls from every corner of the world. From specific life instances to general advice on common teenage struggles, recent watches and listens to outfit inspiration, Girlhood has got you covered. With this much girlpower involved, you would think there’s already a blog entry for whatever sticky situation you may be facing at the moment. No worries about spilled secrets because Girlhood offers you the option to submit your entries anonymously!

@gir1hood we love you guys. website linked on our insta 💖 #girlssupportgirls #positivity #adviceforgirls #weloveyou #teensupport ♬ original sound – 𖤍

Girls older than 15 are also given the opportunity to apply as a responder and give guidance to girls who are attempting to deal with similar circumstances. The process involves filling out an official application form that aims to “gauge your character.” This gives the website creators an idea of what advice you could offer to the girls who would be submitting their questions.

Worldwide Girl Group Hug 

Adolescence might just be one of the trickiest phases of growing up. It’s a rocky ride of heartbreaks and existential dreads that could lead to huge modifications in a teenage girl’s life. Having to navigate these circumstances alone is daunting as it is. But by using technology to our advantage, we are able to create innovative projects that advocate for sisterhood and lighthearted relationships. 

Currently, Girlhood’s TikTok account (@gir1hood) has already garnered 84.4k followers and 13.1k followers on their Instagram page (@msgirlhood). Its growing popularity is amazing proof of how beautiful the concept of sisterhood is. 

By giving young girls a platform to speak and be spoken to, the creation of safe spaces and empowerment through narrative ensues. Getting advice from co-girls who are going through the same thing humanizes the experience of adolescence, which might not be too common nowadays due to the media’s over-romanticization and unrealistic depictions of what’s it like to be a woman. It’s safe to say that this is the age where validation and the feeling of belongingness are the most crucial for a growing teenage girl.

Getting through girlhood by sisterhood is one of the most beautiful things about being a woman. Thanks to these innovative creators, we get to have a huge girl hug any time through this virtual celebration of the beauty and melancholy of girlhood.

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