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In A Double Dose Of Cuteness, Natalia Guerrero Remakes Niana’s First Video On YouTube

People of the internet, feel old yet?

Yes, you are seeing double. Filmed nine years apart, Niana and Natalia Guerrero prove in the Gwiyomi video that not only does being cute run in the family, but so does talent. And trust that there is lots of it.

The year is 2013 and the culturally shifting gallop that is Gangnam Style has just been unseated as the supreme viral sensation. In its stead, the less aggressive, but equally addicting import from South Korea has charmed its way into the consciousness of the ever-so accommodating internet. “Gwi-gwi-gwi-yomi.” Does that ring a bell? If so, you may have either heard of the song, motioned the gestures in a characteristically cute way, or even both. Tracing its origins from Jung Ilhoon of BtoB, who the world wide web credits as responsible for the display of cuteness, as seen on MTV Diary and Weekly Idol, to the adorably arithmetic exposition it inspired, the Gwiyomi Song by Hari Baguette was by all accounts hypnotic and transcendent.

As far as internet trends go, everyone was in on it, naturally. Taking a life of its own, there were K-pop idols such as Miss A, Girls Generation Infinite, and SISTAR who were game to count their way into the hearts and double taps of many, as well as of Jung Ilhoon himself who showed his appreciation for the love by uploading his own version. A search on YouTube will reveal many parodies stacking up to millions of views each, but even before scrolling down, one of the top hits is that of a young Niana Guerrero who uploaded her own take on the Gwiyomi Song as her first foray into what will eventually become her stomping grounds for success.

For anyone who has long endured on the digital plane, this is enough to make you feel old. But wait for it, because in a realization of parallel lives, the youngest of the insanely talented brood, Natalia, did a remake of the Gwiyomi Baby Niana video…nine years later.  (Bone crack.)

Fair warning: The cuteness level is through the roof then and now.

The Gwiyomi Remake

Just like Niana Guerrero’s take on the Gwiyomi Song, which was simple, straightforward, and shot in one take, the version of Natalia was brimming with delightful appeal. Much like a wash of sunshine, the remake was warm and full of smiles, both from Niana and Natalia, as well as of anyone who watches. (Try denying it and we won’t believe you.) Obvious difference in light and video quality aside, everything was an almost exact reproduction of the original.

From the composition in the room, the micro-printed yellow button-down, the mid-parted hair nonchalantly cascading down the back, the missing tooth, and the dog minding its business in the background, one could easily mistake one for the other. Heck, if this were a comic book adaptation in film or television, the theory of the multiverse will be easily proven in the interpretation of the lyrics that directly translate to “1 + 1 = Cutie, 2 + 2 = Cutie.” And really, we don’t even have to expound on the confidence of movements because we all know that if there is anything the Guerrero siblings are good at, it is that they can dance to the beat and then some. (Bonus: Check out the version of Niana Guerrero with Ranz Kyle.)

On the shared Instagram Reels, the Gwiyomi remake of Niana and Natalia Guerrero has so far reached 4,282,596 plays and 736,429 likes. And just like it did nine years ago, it continues to charm at every shy smile and shoulder roll. Already showing a great deal of promise, charisma, and slick dance moves, Natalia Guerrero is clearly set to ascend into the supremacy Niana has carved out on social media.

Count On It

To be honest, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Gwiyomi scratches the surface of social media-focused pop culture barometer because of Natalia Guerrero as inspired her sister Niana, of course. The power they hold, yes, but also, whether one likes to admit it or not, the song holds up and digs itself deep into your brain even after all these years.

So, for all intents and purposes, let the cute counting begin again: gwi-gwi-gwiyomi.