We’re Here For Nadine Lustre And Maricel Soriano Interacting On Twitter

More to these moments please.

Nadine Lustre and Maricel Soriano interacting on Twitter? We love to see it.

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Before anything else, it is most likely safe to say that you know who Nadine Lustre and Maricel Soriano are. One is a millennial icon who can act, sing, and dance all while championing just social causes. The other is the Diamond Star who has been in the industry for over 50 years, standing the test of time as one of Philippine entertainment’s most legendary actresses. But rarely have we seen the two stars interact with each other, at least, until now. A few days ago, netizens were treated to a Twitter interaction that could really only happen in 2023, and it was all thanks to quite the choice of a wig and a meme.


Not only is Nadine Lustre a meme queen, she’s a self-refence queen, too. A week ago, the superstar took to Twitter to share that she was looking for a Filipino movie to watch when she came across a look of Maricel Soriano that reminded her of something. The attached image was of Ms. Maricel in The Heiress sporting black hair and a ponytail. It didn’t take long for netizens to figure out that Nadine was referencing her own meme of that endorsement photo where she was seen sporting a questionable brunette wig. This isn’t the first time Nadine has referenced her viral memes, so it’s nice that she has a sense of humor regarding these things.

While the self-depracating moment made for a good laugh on Twitter, it was made even better when Maricel Soriano responded to the tweet a few days after. She quote tweeted it and said that the picture did look familiar, as if she saw in in a cellphone store somewhere. Understandably, Nadine responded to her tweet like the fan that she is and said that she heard the photo is going to get changed soon.


The Diamond Star interacting with the multi-hyphenate star over a meme on social media? A moment in Twitter hisotry. The fact that Nadine didn’t even tag her and yet she still saw and responded to it makes it even better. In case you didn’t know, Maricel Soriano has had her official Twitter account since August 2021 and is pretty good when it comes to the social media game.

Aside from interacting with Nadine, she also had a drag transformation back in November 2022 with the help of Xilhouete and Shewarma. Needless to say, Maricel Soriano is slowly becoming our favorite tita on social media. But if she and Nadine really want to break the internet, they need to recreate the meme with the hair. The universe will align itself if that happens.

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