mtv vmas 2021 music video awards

Is it 2003 Again? The Fashion at the MTV VMAs 2021 Blew Up Y2K Style

Bretman Rock channeling Aaliyah was a MOMENT.

How is it even possible to live in a parallel universe where the 2000s just seemed like it was yesterday?

Did we just time travel back to the aughts? Aside from the 2000s-inspired beauty looks, the fashion was just as on point, too. We do miss the days when the MTV VMAs was the wildest thing on television as social media wasn’t really much of a thing before. Remember the Madonna-Britney-Xtina trinity? Or Miley Cyrus’ performance were she completely erased her Hannah Montana image? Yep, it was a wild, wild time to be alive. Below, we see how these personalities relived some of the most memorable looks of the aughts on the MTV VMAs 2021 red carpet.

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mtv vmas 2021 lil kim lil nas x versace red carpet

Spotted without his baby bump, Lil Nas X has arrived in a lilac asymmetrical off the shoulder pantsuit by Versace. If this ain’t giving Lil Kim’s 1999 VMAs purple pasty look, we don’t know what will.


mtv vmas 2021 tinashe xtina christina aguilera red carpet 2000s

Dressed like it’s 2003 (quite literally), MTV VMAs celebrity correspondent Tinashe hits all the right places in vintage Dolce and Gabbana S/S ’03 leather top and lace-up pants. Giving us major Xtina Aguilera Dirrty era!


Certainly walking on the wilder side of the red carpet, Normani stuns in a white cropped blazer and micro mini skirt by Patryc Japagas. This look definitely deserves a spot next to JLo’s white outfit at the 1998 VMAs.


mtv vmas 2021 rose mcgowan megan fox mugler red carpet 2000s

Everybody can go home now. Megan Fox just shut it down in an ultra sheer Mugler gown reminiscent of Rose McGowan’s 1998 racy naked dress.


mtv vmas 2021 aaliyah roberto cavalli bretman rock red carpet 2000s

Da Baddest bitch that ever lived, Bretman Rock is ferocious in a Roberto Cavalli F/W 2000 dress that Aaliyah once wore to the MTV red carpet, too. Not only was that a big deal in itself. The fact that 4 Filipinos—Bretman Rock, Bella Poarch, Olivia Rodrigo and Saweetie were present at the VMAs was a moment.


Same red carpet energy, different years. Does she even age? Our favorite sk8r girl, Avril Lavigne, is back on the VMAs wearing AREA. Yes ma’am, flex those abs!


mtv vmas 2021 avril lavigne olivia rodrigo red carpet 2000s

Punk rock’s newest sweetheart, Olivia Rodrigo channels Avril Lavigne at the MTV Europe Awards Music in 2007. She switches it up with layered skirts, fishnet tights, and those gloves!


mtv vmas 2021 britney spears madonna red carpet 2000s

The living legend, Madonna, aged like fine wine as she opened the VMAs in a leather-clad bodysuit that resembled Britney Spears’ 2002 dominatrix outfit on the MTV red carpet. Legends only!