These Filipino Movies Will Kick Off The 2023 Manila International Film Festival in Hollywood

Filipino films galore.

MMFF goes Hollywood as the Manila International Film Festival 2023 brings Pinoy films to Los Angeles in a grand celebration of Filipino filmmaking artistry.

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Filipino film excellence is reaching far and wide once again as the 2023 Manila International Film Festival introduces Metro Manila Film Festival entry films to Hollywood. The Hollywood edition of the festival is part of the celebration marking the 50th edition of the MMFF in 2024. Eight entry films will be screened at the festival—but that’s not all: the screenings will be accompanied by meet and greets with the stars and filmmakers, panel Q&As, and an awards gala to close out the festival.

The celebration will start as early as November, and the festival will run up to January 2024. Eight entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival will be screened in Los Angeles, California through December and January. Four out of eight entries have already been set to be screened based on their script alone, namely A Mother and Son’s Story, (K)Ampon, Penduko, and Rewind. This November, three films from the first summer edition of MMFF will launch the festival in LA and invite Filipinos in the States—patrons, film enthusiasts, families—to celebrate Filipino cinema in theatres abroad.


The three films that will kick off Manila International Film Festival 2023 are Here Comes the Groom, Love You Long Time, and About Us But Not About Us. These films will be screened at Sunset Boulevard on November 2 from 12 noon to 9:30 PM. The screenings are accompanied by a red carpet, VIP reception and meet and greet with the stars and filmmakers, and a Q&A. Tickets to the November 2 screenings and events are available here.


Here Comes the Groom, the sequel to Here Comes the Bride (2010), is a comedy film about body swapping between groups of people and the hijinks that ensue. Starring Enchong Dee, Maris Racal, Keempee de Leon, Eugene Domingo, Xilhouete, Awra Briguela, and more, the film won 4 awards at the 2023 Metro Manila Summer Film Festival.


This romantic drama directed by JP Habac starring Carlo Aquino and Eisel Serrano sees two characters make an unexpected connection through time and distance using an old walkie-talkie. Love You Long Time was nominated for 10 MMFF awards and won two: 2nd Best Picture and Best Float.


Abous Us But Not About Us is a psychological drama that boasted a full, tense, chemistry-ridden story within one setting and between only two characters: Lance (Elijah Canlas) and his literature professor Eric (Romnick Sarmenta). It swept the 2023 Metro Manila Summer Film Festival, winning 10 of its 11 nominations, and was praised for its themes and performances.

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