7 Moments From Kim Chiu’s Dream Maker Journey That Captured Hearts


From keeping it fun and enjoyable to being the dream chasers’ big sister, here’s why Kim Chiu is the ultimate host we need.

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Since her victory at the bahay ni kuya as a housemate full of dreams, there’s no denying how Kim Chiu has evolved into one of the most sought-after artists in the country. From being an award-winning and blockbuster actress to being a best-selling pop singer and a queen of the dance floor, our chinita princess has consistently been making all of us stan because of her multi-talented appeal. But recently, Kim Chiu has been flexing yet another talent of hers: hosting. 

While she has fronted reality shows before including The Voice Kids and a couple of Pinoy Big Brother editions, Kim Chiu deservingly gets her shining moment from her stint at the recently concluded boy-group survival reality program, Dream Maker. It’s a special project for the Cebuana talent, who finally gets a major project where she’s the solo main host. A great responsibility, yes, but Kim Chiu did a phenomenal job at it, infusing her natural charisma, humor, and bright energy that even international media, like the South Korean online media outlet Dispatch, took notice.

Let’s then look at some of Kim Chiu’s highlights from the three-month run of Dream Maker where her hosting abilities have somehow made the intense competitive program lighter, more fun, and ultimately, unforgettable.


One of the admirable qualities of Kim Chiu’s hosting skills is that she can make any tense situation lighter. Just like in this moment where former dream chaser, and now HORI7ON member, Reyster Yton is visibly not in the ideal headspace for the interaction. Despite this, there’s no awkward dead air as Kim Chiu is able to tap into her humor and turns the situation much easier for Reyster and for the audience.


And then there’s Kim Chiu’s effortless chemistry with her Dream Maker partner and It’s Showtime co-host Ryan Bang. Just like she has proven in the past programs she hosted, Kim Chiu is also an expert when it comes to establishing a delightful rapport with her fellow hosts. This is evident in Dream Maker, where Kim and Ryan still both find ways to make an episode fun and enjoyable even in crucial moments like mentors giving their comments. An effective hosting duo for sure.


Outside the dream stage, Kim Chiu also never fails to express her pride and admiration for the Dream Maker contestants. Through her Instagram posts, the host shares some endearing photos with the dream chasers partnered with a genuinely appreciative post that gives off that loving and concerned ate vibe.


“Aja, dream chasers! Fighting!” With the mission to find the next global pop group, Dream Maker has certainly involved tough competition and at times even a stressful atmosphere for the trainees because of all the pressure. This is why they need someone like Kim Chiu, a host who also doubles as a cheerleader for the dream chasers, to constantly encourage them as they go along the demanding selection process. And in that department, Kim Chiu has never failed; always keeping the contestants’ fighting spirit alive.


If you’re like @fanboyrod, then for sure what you’ll miss from Kim Chiu as the Dream Maker host is the way she consistently serves with her OOTDs. The chinita beauty that she is, Kim Chiu was ready to step out in style. Whatever color she wears, Kim Chiu always exudes that main character and sweet K-pop star energy.


Serving as the culmination of her hosting journey, Dream Maker’s The Dream Finale last weekend saw Kim Chiu in another career milestone as she took the mic for the last time. In this three-hour event, the multimedia idol transcended her hosting duties and took the stage with the dream chasers, this time, to perform with them. And this she did with so much fire she can make a pop group of her own. Capping off the momentous night, Kim Chiu proved how passionate she was at her work while getting emotional as she bid farewell to the audience and said “Aja!” one last time.


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Even when the show has already wrapped, Kim Chiu still manages to take time and express her love and support for the dream chasers. Just like in this episode of Showtime Online U where she gives the boys some token gifts and wishes them all the best for their journey on the global stage. Clearly, Kim Chiu is not only a program host to the dreamers but also an ever-supportive friend that has cheered them on since day one.

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