How Ariana Grande Inspired Ruth Garcia To Make Music

The power of Yours Truly.

Ruth Garcia talks about her new single, her love for Ariana Grande, R&B, and more.

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As cliché as it may sound, there are some people out there who were born for the stage. They didn’t need that life-changing moment or realization to hit them. It was apparent from the jump that the stage was calling their name. That is something young R&B musician Ruth Garcia can relate to. The Indonesian-based artist didn’t need a whole lot of convincing for her to take center stage and it’s clear the spotlight loves her. Even with just three professionally released songs under her belt, Ruth already has her eyes set on getting her name all over the world. And with her talents, she might just get there.


“I grew up listening to any kind of music. And you know, I just knew that I can dance and I can sing,” confidently shares Ruth in an interview with NYLON Manila. Even as a kid, music already captured her heart which was something her mom saw and looked to incubate. “I started to take singing courses and I joined some competitions in Indonesia as well. It’s like a calling to become a musician so it’s always been a dream of mine to become a great singer.” Soon enough, she was well on her way to achieving that goal.

R&B is Ruth’s calling card though it took a while for her to get there. She settled on the genre mainly due to how impactful it was to her. “R&B has been a big influence in my life.” As for who she looks up to, she name-checks icon Mariah Carey as an example as well as Ariana Grande. Ruth even credits Ariana’s work as pushing her towards making R&B music. “I listened to her first album, Yours Truly, and that was the first time I fell in love with the genre.” If it already hasn’t been made clear, Ruth Garcia is a major Arianator. Yours Truly was so impactful to Ruth that she sees it as her favorite Ariana Grande project. Though, she does have a soft spot for Imagine.


With just three songs under her belt, Ruth still has a ways to go in terms of her musical journey. But regardless of where that path may lead her, she promises that whatever we get from her comes straight from the heart. “I’m just being myself out here and being authentic. With everything that I do right now and my music that’s been released, that’s just me.”

That authenticity was on display with her latest single, The Way You Move, a vibey R&B number that sees Ruth go bold and sexy along with catchy beats and playful lyrics. The track’s story of a woman playfully teasing a man to win his heart is based on Ruth’s own experience. Together with her label, Passion Vibe, they translated the experience into a song with songwriting only taking a day. When Ruth says she takes inspiration from her life, that includes things that happen at the moment. The line “Boy you’re such a cutie for me/a sugar-high taste like McFlurry” came from the fact that someone delivered a McFlurry to her at the studio while she was working on the track.

“To make music, it’s based on my experience. So it just happened like last year,” explains Ruth. “Usually, we talk about things in the office with the producers. We talk about something that just happened to me. And then we think, ‘why don’t we make something from it?’” It’s this kind of work process that gives The Way You Move its distinct flavor. It’s bright and playful yet sexy, like a tease who knows she’s in control. It’s a vibe that’s also present in the track’s visuals, which sees Ruth go bright and bold in dominating shades of pink. According to the young musician, it’s a deliberate choice to go for a brighter aesthetic as compared to the muted feel of her past visuals. “Music is like a color, you know? I think it goes well with the vibes and everything.”


As Ruth Garcia continues her journey, she’s more than ready to share her true-to-self R&B flavor with the world. “I think it’s just me being authentic, you know, with the look and music itself. I’ve also been told that I have a unique voice.” It’s this kind of style she hopes listeners get to appreciate. At the end of the day, she’s not trying to emulate others. What you see and hear from Ruth Garcia is what you get. “I hope that I can bless my listeners. And I wish that I can bring out my color to the music industry globally.”

In the meantime, you can expect the music video for The Way You Move to drop soon. Ruth also teased that she has a new song coming this November that is sure to expand a promising musical repertoire.

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