Meet imma, The Virtual Star Ready To Show You Picture-Perfect Nights With The New vivo V25 Series

One click and the night is yours.

Together with imma and the new vivo V25 Series, prepare to see a whole new side to the night as you live your best life.

When the day turns into night, it opens up a whole new opportunity to let out your inner you. No need to hide yourself when you can expresses yourself fully, especially for moment-making picture-perfect nights. But as much as we would want to immortalize those nights, we also have had those situations where smartphones aren’t just up to snuff. This is something that imma knows all too well.

As one of the top virtual humans in the game, imma knows a thing or two about delivering that A-tier content, especially when it comes to shining at night. Not only does she stay on top of her social media game, but she also wants others too to unlock their potential and own the night. This is why she, along with vivo, recently announced a new collaboration that is sure to lighten the night sky.

imma X VIVO

Just recently, vivo announced a partnership with imma to be the virtual ambassador of the new vivo V25 series. Under this new role, imma is set to explore and eternalize picture-perfect nights through the lens of vivo V25 series, a smartphone that enables users to shine through the night light. Given imma’s background, she feels more than suited to the task. Considered as Asia’s first ever virtual human, imma first made her debut in 2018, with the famous signature pink bob. Right from the jump, she amazed and caught the attention of audiences around the world with her uniquely virtual but super-realistic looks. In the years she has been active, Asia’s No.1 influential virtual human has worked with some of the top artists and brands of the world as she gives her hundreds of thousands of followers an authentic look into her virtual world.

“Well, my life is what inspired me,” said imma in an interview with NYLON Manila. “I got asked if I really exist or not a lot. But here I am, I do exist! I travel the world, meet friends, design my own fashion brands, and I’m excited about experiments I haven’t done yet. That’s why I want to share my life, my thoughts, to prove that I actually exist.” For the virtual star, working with vivo was a no brainer, especially since the brand is in-line with her ethos of the power of pictures.

“I believe taking photos is meant to capture the moment of your life,” she shares. “But I have seen a lot of beautiful night moments yet am a little disappointed because they are unable to save in the album as beautiful as my eyes saw. But with vivo V25 series, I am finally able to take photos at night as I want, and to be honest I start to expect to go out at night now!”


Together with vivo, the multi-recognized model and influencer is set to embarks on an exciting quest across Southeast Asia to find the most magnificent moments. Her travels in particular will take her to six cities, each brimming with their own dynamic energy and culture that light up the night with their vibrant personality, creativity, and innovation. And thanks to the vivo V25 series new camera features, imma’s travels across Southeast Asia that much more fun and fulfilling, especially as she’s able to capture the night in all its unique beauty.

“I’m visiting many places and meeting new friends during this trip to Southeast Asia. With the night portrait feature, I am so happy that I can take great photos of them, and also, they can take photos of me while the background is pretty! Not only the night scenes but also the memories with friends can be captured beautifully, isn’t that great!” This bold energy imma brought to the table was one of the main reasons why vivo felt she was the perfect fit to lead this new partnership.

“We are excited to team up with imma for the launch of vivo V25 series. Her curiosity, vitality and young personality personify the latest addition in V series, which is built to amplify the fun in our everyday moments,” said vivo in a statement. “Through the lens of imma and vivo V25 series, which saw some major upgrades in its imaging capabilities, we hope users can appreciate and embrace the magical power of the night and immerse themselves in their picture-perfect nights.”


So, how then was imma’s travels across Southeast Asia? As she sees it, traveling to these cities was an unforgettable experience filled with new memories to cherish, and tricks to apply. “Each place I visited has its own colors at night, just like all the content creators I met. I had a fun time taking photos with them and doesn’t matter if it was outdoor on the street or inside in the club, I’m amazed that the people blend in the background perfectly but are still outstanding as the portrait. Isn’t that interesting! I still have not yet fully learned how to do that, but I will keep learning by using vivo V25 to take photos for my friends.”

Out of all the places she visited, she considers seeing Singapore’s iconic Merlion statue as a highlight. What amazed her though about the famous statue is how different it can look. “When I say Merlion, you all have the picture of what Merlion looks like right? Did you know when you take a photo of Merlion from behind, it looks nothing like what you imagine? I guess it is just more difficult to define a thing with one word than you think, even if it is a commonly known subject.”


If reading about imma’s Southeast Asian adventures has already got you excited, wait till you see how it all came together. As part of this campaign, imma will star in her very own television commercial that will be released soon. In it, she will bring the audience on a journey to explore the vibrant streets and landmarks of countries and regions in Southeast Asia. Given how imma never disappoint with her content, you don’t want to miss this as her vision is brought to life. Who knows, it may even inspire you to travel with the vivo V25 series and take your own nightlife moments. The full video of her trip will be coming soon. But for now, here’s a little sneak peek on what you can expect.

At the end of the day, imma wants you to know that your content, vision, artistry, and imagination is uniquely you and that should be celebrated.

“Understand that you are the ONLY one who can never be replaced by anyone else! Social media expose tons of information every second and make us compare ourselves with others. As the result, we force ourselves to look even better than others, and sometimes it could lead to quite painful experiences. But don’t forget that somewhere in the world, there is always someone who loves you and thinks you are wonderful. Be yourself and enjoy who you are as you are.”

You can very much do all that and more with the vivo V25 series thanks to its premium specs and fashionable design. Its 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing rear camera, the same camera imma used during her trips, enables users to snap stunning portraits no matter the time of day. A long-lasting battery and the use of the flagship processors round out this beautifully designed series to serve as an all-rounder in any situation. Just like imma, be ready to immortalize your nights with the new vivo V25 series.

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