What It’s Like On The Other Side: Highlights From Mark Tuan’s #TheOtherSide Stop In Manila

Take us back.

We’re starting the year strong with a solid Mark Tuan party!

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The drought is over with Filo Ahgases ticking all seven boxes as Mark Tuan finally stands on the Philippine stage. The K-pop superstar kicked off the year as a brilliant solo act that has definitely remarked his spot in the hearts of his beloved Ahgases.

Hundreds of Filipino Ahgase packed the SM Skydome for Mark’s long-awaited solo concert in the country. And needless to say, they weren’t disappointed. The show was undeniably a feast of unforgettable moments from start to finish. If it’s Mark Tuan who we’re talking about, there’s no doubt that the man will GIVE and EAT. From his perfectly curated setlist to the timeless swag he gives off on stage, we highlight momentous instances that would remind us what it was like on the other side

Our World In Different Colors

Mark Tuan definitely maximized a 2-hour show filled with the best setlist we could ask for. The right balance between party and somber gave us a rollercoaster of emotions. Who else opens a set with a hauntingly captivating slow song? Mark Tuan pulled it off. We can definitely say that his songs are made for a live audience with band accompaniment. 

Red Cups And Red Bulls

Another member of GOT7 embraces the ‘Shot Puno’ lifestyle as Ahgases teasingly chanted “shot puno” in the middle of Mark Tuan’s show. It started with a mysterious red cup on stage that Mark started chugging, only for him to clarify that it was just Red Bull instead of alcohol. Funnily enough, Mark played along and chugged the carbonated drink as if it were alcohol. We love Idol-fan chemistry.

Three Shots For Three Words

Usually, artists only tend to take pictures with the fans from one angle, mainly in the middle. But not Mark! Showcasing the captivating banner Ahgases made for him, Mark took his time in taking pictures with not one, not two, but three sides of the Skydome. It was a cute and refreshing interaction between him and his loyal Ahgases.

Feat. Mark Tuan

Every good artist knows how to acknowledge everybody who pours their energy into giving a good performance. Along with Mark, there were a few people who tore the stage with him, and he just couldn’t get enough of recognizing their talents. For the opening act, hip-hop singer weswes was given the spotlight to hype up and groove with the crowd, even sharing a stage with Mark in the middle of the show. Dancing superstars Ken San Jose and Hugh Aparente also delivered, matching the vibe of both Mark and Ahgases. His live band also brought out so much color into Mark’s already good songs. It’s giving dream team. 

Ahgases’ One In A Million

A show would not be complete without an emotional trip to the hard work of both the artist and their fans throughout the years. Filo Ahgases pulled off a show-stopping fan project filled with love through a surprise video for Mark Tuan, organized by X user @AHGASISters_. Capturing all precious moments of GOT7, to Mark’s solo adventures, to Ahgases’ undying love for their boys, this fan project definitely tugged the hearts of everyone in the venue, not to mention the Filo-coded feast they have prepared for Mark.

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