5 Times Marina Summers Took Pinoy Pride To The Next Level On Drag Race UK Vs. the World


While Marina Summers may not have won the coveted crown, she is still our ‘Filipina Winnah.’

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Over the past eight weeks, the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs. the World has been nothing short of spectacular. Among the 11 fierce faces vying for the title of ‘Queen of the Mothertucking World’ was our very own Marina Summers, representing with pride from start to finish. And with it coming to a close in a herstoric finale, there is something we can all agree on: Marina may not have taken home the crown, but she instilled Pinoy Pride for fans watching her from back home.

From her death-dropping lip-sync performances to her sickening looks, Marina has consistently served face, body, and charisma, showcasing the beauty of being a Filipina. As the only Filipina in the cast, Marina made sure that nearly everything she did radiated Pinoy energy. And the fact that she got Ru to do “The Marina” before she sashayed away proved that Marina is already a winner. Let’s look back at all the moments she has already proven herself as a true ‘Filipina Winnah’ in every sense of the word.


AMAFILIPINA is Marina Summers’ twist on Maymay Entrata’s iconic anthem AMAKABOGERA, which she served in the premiere episode of Drag Race UK vs the World. The song celebrates being a proud morena Filipina, with Marina shining as the sole Pinay and Asian representative in the fierce Drag Race competition.

In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News, Marina revealed her long-standing desire to put her own spin on AMAKABOGERA. She expressed, “‘Yung ‘Amakabogera’ pambakla talaga siya, gurl. Pambakla talaga siya even from the title itself. So I wanted to pay homage to that and do my own rendition of it, like how would the gays do it, how would the drag queens portray it, like how they would sing it on an international level.”

If you haven’t already tuned in, the song is now available for streaming on Spotify. And let me tell you, the lyrics are guaranteed to give you the confidence boost you needed.

Degrees Hotter in a Gown Inspired by Catriona Gray

With more Pinoy Pride lighting up RuPaul’s main stage for the Ruveal Yourself category, Marina Summers unveiled a look inspired by Catriona Gray’s winning gown from Miss Universe 2018. Initially inspired by the majestic Mayon volcano, the dress, also crafted by Mak Tumang, was revealed after Marina shed her structured volcano outer dress, designed by Job Dacon.

Adding her own flair, Marina’s rendition of the lava gown was complemented with a headpiece by jewelry designer Manny Halasan. Needless to say, she turned up the heat on that episode by a degree.

Farmers are Fabulous

@marinaxsummers She’s the Queen of the Crops 🌾 Proudly representing the mountains and valleys of Northern Luzon in my debut runway for @dragraceukbbc ! This means so much to me and my hometown! Agyamank kada kayo amin apo 🙏🏽✨ Creative and fashion direction @marinaxsummers Proudly Wearing @therscreationsofficial using indigenous textiles from the Cordilleras Styled by @paulxsese Palayok hair by @margauxbertrand_ Earrings @farah_abu Tune into the world premiere of #DragRaceUK ♬ original sound – Marina Summers

Bringing her heritage on the season’s runway, Marina stunned the panel as she transformed into a fabulous Filipino rice farmer for her debut appearance. With a design carefully crafted by Roman Sebastian, Marina showcased traditional textiles sourced from the Cordillera region.

The best part? With a playful wink and a quip to RuPaul, the queen declared, “They don’t only serve rice, they also serve looks,” And boy, did she harvest our attention and admiration with that unforgettable strut!

Killer at Karaoke

In the heart of every Filipino beats a love for karaoke, and Marina knows exactly how to hit all the right notes—both on and off the stage. Decked out in a show-stopping ensemble by the Filipino fashion designer Neric Beltran, she brought the karaoke experience to Ru Paul’s main stage.

With a nod to business up front and pure party vibes in the back, her all-black look also featured a fully functioning screen playing RuPaul’s song Living My Life in London. Needless to say, she lit up the room with it, inviting everyone to create memories worth belting about. RuPaul told Marian that she was born to do drag for a reason.

Paying Tribute to the Yakan Tribe

Marina had a top-tier runway package this season. But this look just did it aesthetically and culturally. Completing Marina’s pre-finale performance is a show-stopping traditional Yakan wedding ensemble, courtesy of Zamboangeño designer, Erich Miñoza. But before a single stitch was made, it was revealed that they had gone through the proper channels, seeking permission from the Yakan tribe to showcase their traditional attire. Once the green light was given, Erich poured his heart into the creation, employing hand-woven fabrics reminiscent of those cherished by the tribe.

We can all agree that when Marina dubbed it her “love letter to the Philippines,” she hit the mark. This take on native attire is a beautiful fusion of culture and creativity, promising to leave a lasting impression on the runway.

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