new movies and shows for March

Go Through March Madness With The Month’s Exciting New Movies And Shows

So, what are you watching?

From The Mandalorian season three, the newest John Wick film, Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie, and more, get a load of March 2023’s new releases.

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Sunny days are coming our way now that it’s March, the official start to the summer season for most people. And while the warmer weather may inspire you to head outside or plan that barkada summer outing, it also could get you to enjoy a movie session or binge watch with some of the month’s most exhilarating new movies and shows. The varied new releases this March are honestly enough to fill your summer watchlist. From action, sports, sci-fi, horror, teen musical, and more, get that calendar ready to jot down some of the month’s biggest new releases.


Adonis Creed is back for a third bout, and this time, he’s up against his most personal opponent to date, his former friend Daien who has a bone to pick with him. Not only is Michael B. Jordan reprising his role as the champion boxer, but the actor also serves as the film’s director, his first ever in the helm. And so far, the reviews for the third Creed film are very promising, so you have a knockout sports drama to start the month. The film is currently showing in cinemas. 


Prepare to wrap yourself in a twisty hyper-modern thriller told mainly through the POV of laptop and phone screens in Missing. When a mother goes missing while abroad, her daughter, June, springs into action and takes matters into her own hands as she uses the power of the internet and social media to find her mom. What happens next sees June unravel a string of secrets that proves to be bigger than just a missing persons case. Missing is now showing in local theaters.


Kylo Ren fighting dinosaurs? That’s the elevator pitch of this sci-fi action movie. Adam Driver delves into the genre once more as he plays a pilot who crash lands in an unknown planet. That planet so happens to be Earth 65 million years ago. With no way to call home, he must now fight all sorts of pre-historic monsters with what little futuristic tools and weapons he has at his disposal. See how this tale of a man out of time unfolds when 65 screens in local cinemas beginning March 8.  


High prices at the grocery store won’t be the only things that will get you screaming this March. For the horror franchise’s sixth installment, the survivors of Ghostface’s last rampage in Woodsboro decide to relocate to New York City. Sadly, the gang soon discover the city that never sleeps is also home to a familiar killer out to finish the job. While Neve Campbell will sadly not star in the new Scream movie, we can look forward to seeing franchise stalwart Courtney Cox, as well as some of our new favorites like Jenna Ortega. Get the bloody adrenaline running when Scream VI slashes its way onto local cineplexes on March 8. 


It felt like it was just yesterday when we heard that Makoto Shinkai, the man behind Your Name and Weathering With You, was working on a new movie. Now, we’ll get the chance to see it. Suzume centers on a story of a girl who must close mysterious doors that pop up around Japan before disasters strike the area where the doors spawn. Based on Shinkai’s past works, Suzume looks to offer yet another emotional and mind-bending tale with a killer OST to fawn over. The film arrives in local cinemas on March 8.


While DC Films is currently headed for a reboot, there are still some remnants of the DCEU set to be released. And the first one for 2023 is almost here. Following the first Shazam movie, Billy Batson and his adoptive siblings are currently enjoying the superhero life. That is until a pair of ancient gods decide to go after Shazam to settle an old score. Now, Billy and his family must face of against a force that threatens their very existence. Shazam 2 flies onto cinemas this March 15.


While this acclaimed movie isn’t new, it is getting its widest released yet this March which means an easier opportunity to see this worthwhile watch. Fiction and reality blur when Leonor, a retired filmmaker, falls into a coma after a television lands on her head, compelling her to become the action hero of her unfinished screenplay. Martika Escobar’s award-winning effort is one of the best Filipino movies of 2022 and it’s set to stream on Netflix this March 17. (And while we are on the topic of underrated and acclaimed Filipino movies, Respeto is hitting the streaming service on March 3.)   


Get ready because one of Wattpad’s most popular Filipino novels will finally see its series adaption release this March. Based on the book of the same name, Teen Clash centers on a budding romance between Zoe (Jayda Avanzado), an aspiring recording artist, and Ice (Aljon Mendoza), a suave songwriter, whose bands are set to merge for a music contest. However, conflict arises when this musical pair and their friends eventually clash on multiple fronts. Music, romance, and teen drama, what’s not to love? Teen Clash begins streaming on iWantTFC this March 17. 


Real life couple Ruru Madrid and Bianca Umali are bringing their romance to the small screen with their new series, The Write One. The two play a married couple who’s relationship is one the rocks and seemingly headed towards disaster. That is until Rus character finds a magical typewriter that can seemingly change the past. Not only will the project be the home of Ruru and Bianca’s first on-screen kiss, but it will also be the first collaboration between GMA and Viu. The series premiers this March 20.


It feels as if John Wick can never die. And that’s good news for us as we’ll be getting more adventures of this globally-renowned assassin. In the fourth installment, John Wick is set to continue his war against the High Table and get himself into some more intense and well-choreographed gun-fu action. The movie shoots its way onto local theaters on March 22.


Is there anything else we need to say? Based on a true story (yes, a bear did sniff cocaine but died afterwards), the movie goes balls-to-the-wall crazy with a bear who gets high off cocaine and decides to go on a journey to find more, violently mauling anyone who gets in his way. Does it makes sense? No. But it sure does look like a lot of fun. See this horror-comedy for yourself when it screens in local cinemas starting March 22.


The tabletop game played by millions all over the world is finally getting the big screen treatment. A dashing thief (played by the incomparable Chris Pine) must team up with a group of adventurers in order to steal a lost relic before it falls into the hands of dark forces. Sure, it may seem like a generic fantasy adventure. But the magic of D&D is how classic it is, and that’s the vibe we’re getting from this movie. We just hope the film is good because the D&D community deserves it. It arrives in local theaters on March 28.


Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston are back for more sleuthing hijinks in Murder Mystery 2. For their second outing, the duo are now full-time detectives but struggling to get their business of the group. That is until one of their friends gets kidnapped at his own wedding which pushes the pair into the middle of a global mystery. See how this tale unfolds when it streams on Netflix beginning March 31.


Aside from being part of the summer season, March is also women’s month. So, it feels fitting then that we get to end the month with an empowering film about a single mother who so happens to be a top-tier assassin. Kill Boksoon is a Korean action film following Boksoon, who leads a double life of an ordinary single mom and a legendary killer at a top-tier killing agency, MK Ent. While she is good at her job, a new adversary threatens to give Boksoon her hardest challenge yet as her assassin life spills over into her motherly duties. The movie streams on Netflix on March 31.


Adapted from a popular crime mystery novel by Japanese writer Miyuki Miyabe, Copycat Killer is set in ’90s Taipei and tells the story of the first-ever serial murder case in Taiwan. Taking advantage of the widespread interest, the media-savvy serial killer turns the case into a national spectacle, fueling gossip and notoriety. A no-nonsense prosecutor vows to solve the case only to realize that things are not what they seem. Meanwhile the killer repeatedly makes a mockery of law and justice as he seeks to destroy peace and order in society. The thriller streams on Netflix this March 31.


The following shows aren’t new. But they are premiering new seasons that you will most likely be binge watching sooner or later. The Mandalorian Season 3 (March 1), Next In Fashion Season 2 (March 3), You Season 4 Part 2 (March 9), The Glory Part 2 (March 10), Ted Lasso Season 3 (March 15), Shadow and Bone Season 2 (March 16), Succession Season 4 (March 26), Yellowjackets Season 2 (March 26).

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