First Comeback Jitters? Don’t Count On It From LUN8

What's your super power?

For their second mini-album, LUN8 gets “BUFF” for an EP that’s fun, varied, and showcases the talents of this emerging K-pop boy group.

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LUN8 hasn’t even reached its first anniversary, yet it’s clear the group is making the most of its K-pop journey. The eight-member K-pop boy group from Fantagio, composed of members Chael, JinSu, Takuma, JunWoo, Ian, DoHyun, JiEunHo, and EunSeop, made their debut on June 13, 2023 with the mini album CONTINUE? and quickly hit the ground running. Like the generation they come from and hope to represent, LUN8 is taking on the world head-on and seizing on new opportunities that flex their many talents. 

Case in point, LUN8, among other things, has also debuted a sub-unit called LUN8wave in November 2023 and flew overseas last December 2023 to the Philippines to attend, perform, and even take home the Focus Award for music at the Asia Artists Awards 2023. As eight boys with moonlight that brightens up the night, they aim to help uplift their listeners through their music, as seen with their recent comeback, BUFF


With an overarching theme of “If we come together and envision the future together, we can gain the power to achieve anything,” LUN8’s second mini album sees the group tell a story of the new generation and their dream to achieve their goals through teamwork. As their first comeback, it’s a pretty big career milestone for LUN8, but already, they’re using the moment to further explore their artistry through six tracks that tackle a variety of genres and styles. 



Leading the way is the title track SUPER POWER, an energetic and catchy pop song about falling in love with someone who suddenly appeared in your life as if destined by fate. And, as a 5th generation K-pop group aware of the genre’s global touch, LUN8 included an English version of the song in the EP. The young and vibrant energy of Gen Z who don’t limit themselves to certain ideas or standards is all over this comeback, a sign of what LUN8 is hoping to bring for the rest of their career. 

Before BUFF‘s release, we had the chance to speak to the group as we got to know them more and their first-ever comeback. Read on below for the full interview. 

You are approaching your 1st anniversary this June. Looking back, what was it like getting to make your official debut?

DoHyun: It’s truly unbelievable that it’s almost our 1st anniversary. It feels like we’ve learned so much during the last year. We’re so grateful to our fans for being with us from the start, and we’ll continue to work hard to show you our best, so please keep watching us!

How has your experience as K-pop idols been so far?

Ian: There were more difficulties and challenges than I expected, but just being able to do what I want to do makes me very happy.

EunSeop: I’m thankful for receiving more love than I could ever ask for in a lifetime, and it makes me so happy to know we always have fans supporting us. 

Since “BUFF” is your first ever comeback, was it easier or harder preparing for it as compared to your debut?

JiEunHo: There were parts that felt easier and parts that felt more challenging compared to our debut. Knowing what we needed to focus on more allowed us to approach our comeback with more composure than our debut. However, this also made us more aware of the aspects we needed to focus on and the methods to improve upon them, which at times, proved to be quite challenging.

What was your favorite part about working on “BUFF”?

JinSu: This time, the emotions we needed to convey on stage or while singing were more clearly defined, which allowed us to focus on expressing those feelings effectively.

Takuma: The song “PASTEL” represents new musical territory for us. It’s a style we haven’t tried before, and it felt great to showcase this fresh approach with ‘PASTEL.’



Which song on the mini album did you have the most fun recording and why?

JinSu: There was a moment when we were recording “GOT THE RIZZ” at the studio when the four of us had to sing together in the booth. We laughed as we sang while looking at each other. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences during the recording process.

JunWoo: Closer to the end of our new title track “SUPER POWER”, there’s a section where we had to record laughter and ad-libs. It was a memorable and fun experience because we all recorded that part together, creating a shared sense of enjoyment.

Your new release is all about working together to achieve your goals. So, how do you constantly build that group dynamic and chemistry and make sure you can count on each other?

Chael: I believe that our habit of always considering each other’s needs, being considerate towards one another, and having open conversations helped us immensely. The time we spent discussing our experiences and providing necessary feedback to each other played a significant role in our growth as a group.

As part of the emerging 5th generation of K-pop, what impact are you hoping to make on the scene?

Chael: We aspire to become artists who can spread positivity and good vibes through our performances and music. We hope that everyone who sees or hears our work feels uplifted and gains positive energy from the experience.

DoHyun: LUN8’s keyword is ‘youth’, and we hope that by watching us, people will gain a burst of positive energy. We want our audience to feel inspired and motivated after seeing LUN8’s performances, and we hope to grow and improve alongside them.

By the end of 2024, what do you hope to achieve as a group? 

Takuma: Our goal is to spend more time with our fans than we did last year.

JunWoo: While it’s great to achieve number one rankings on music charts and receive awards, our ultimate goal is to create more opportunities to meet and interact with our fans while maintaining a healthy and active career.



 If “BUFF” would be the first time someone would listen to LUN8, which track from the mini album would you suggest they listen to first?

Chael: I want to recommend the song “MON2SUN” because it evokes a feeling of comfort and makes you feel cozy when you listen to it.

JiEunHo: I’d like to recommend the song “GOT THE RIZZ” because it perfectly captures the energy and confidence that LUN8 embodies. Listening to this track allows you to experience the same vibrant spirit that defines our group. 

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