Liza Soberano’s Scorching Clapback Is A PSA On Why Everyone Deserves To Change And Grow

Zero lies detected.

One thing about Liza Soberano is that she’s not going to let her doubters demean her career choices.

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While we may know and love our fave celebs for certain things, that doesn’t mean they should be beholden to doing the same thing all their lives. Stars, just like any person, are free to pursue different avenues and facets of their careers. Such is the case with Liza Soberano, who has made it known since the start of the year that she’s ready to pursue new career goals, both in front of and behind the screen.

This eager entry to her new chapter, though, hasn’t stopped naysayers from coming for Liza’s new career moves. But Liza isn’t afraid to speak her mind when she has to, and that’s exactly what she did when she gave this A-tier clapback.


On X, Liza put on blast an article that reported what her bashers have been saying about her newest project, the YouTube series Liza in Korea, which sees the star immerse herself in different sides of Korean culture. Liza tweeted, “You guys are straight up shitting on a young woman’s dreams in the pursuit of clicks and comments. Don’t you guys have more important news to talk about??????”

Ever since Liza dropped her life update earlier in the year, she has continuously been the topic of conversation and whether or not she’s “ungrateful” to the people who helped her in her career. FYI: Liza Soberano, like everyone else, has all the right to do what she wants, especially professionally. She doesn’t owe anyone any explanation. If anything, she is living proof that change and growth can be pursued at any point in time.

Let’s stop bringing down people just because they want to follow their dreams.

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