Check Out This Local Shop If You Want The Customizable Print Tote Bag Of Your Dreams

Totes cute.

It’s time for an upgrade for your tote bag, and Likha Canvas has what you need.

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There’s just something about a tote bag that makes it a go-to accessory for many people. Whether it be to step out to do some errands or complete your OOTD, tote bags are a favorite for a reason. There’s just no fuss with tote bags, which make them fit for many situations and settings. But if you’re that kind of person who wants to add that extra ✨spice✨ to your tote, there’s no need to punch a hole in your wallet to do so. This local shop has the custom tote fixings you need.



Ever wanted to take your tote bag up a notch with a customized print? Likha Canvas has got you covered. This local SME focuses on turning canvas totes from plain to perfect with their customizable print services. They offer three different printing processes: sublimation printing, silkscreen printing, and DTF printing. All processes are different from one another, meaning a wide variety of styles, options, aesthetics, and looks at your disposal. Oh, and Likha Canvas is a sustainable and eco-friendly brand, so regardless of which style you choose, you won’t be contributing more waste. Customizable prints for your tote from a local business that’s safe for the environment and won’t break the bank? We know that’s right. 


The ordering process for Likha Canvas puts customization front and center. First, choose the kind of tote bag you want and how big or small you want it to be. Then, choose the color from the many options available. After that, submit the design you want printed on the tote. As an optional step, you can request added features to make your tote that much more special, such as a zipper, colored handle, adjustable sling, and more. 


Once you’re done, send your chosen options to Likha Canvas, and they’ll get back to you with their quotation. Just like that, you’re done. It’s that easy. With dozens of possible combinations, not to mention the designs you can have custom printed, you can really have a tote bag that fits your lifestyle. From school, the office, your next vacation, and more, customize your tote to your heart’s content. Different occasions call for different bags, and your collection is going to be versatile as it is practical with its customizable prints. And the best part? The tote is going to be uniquely yours. 


For more information on Likha Canvas and how you can order one of their totes, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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