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Light Up Your Loved Ones’ Holidays With These 5 Gift Sets From Y.O.U. Beauty

Find the best for Y.O.U.

Looking for gift ideas as a Secret Santa? Stuff some stockings with these skin-loving makeup and skincare products from Y.O.U Beauty!

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The best gifts are those that clearly show how much the gifter knows the person being given the gift. But it’s not easy as it seems. Finding the perfect gifts for the people you love—whether it’s big or small, expensive or otherwise—is a task that we often find a hassle, but when the person you give a gift to lights up when they get the present, it’s an awesome feeling.

Skincare and beauty products are classic gifts—useful and practical. But not everyone has the same preferences, so it’s still a challenge to find products somebody will actually use and enjoy. Worry not, though, because Y.O.U Beauty has a selection of skin-loving products you can match to certain skin-loving people in your life. Check them out below.


YOU Beauty gift makeup skincare

Nothing’s better than clear skin, whether that’s what you flaunt or what you’d like under your glam makeup looks. Plus, it’s a sign that your skin is healthy and being taken care of. For those people in your life that love clean, clear, and dewy skin, pick up the Y.O.U Beauty’s AcnePlus Clear Skin Holiday Duo, which includes the AcnePlus AHA BHA PHA Daily Essence, which absorbs oil and balances the skin’s water-oil production for fresh and clear skin. The duo also includes the AcnePlus Spot Care X, which soothes skin and fade stubborn dark spots.


YOU Beauty gift makeup skincare radiance glow

With all the heat, humidity, and air pollution, it may be difficult to maintain glowy, dewy skin. Y.O.U Beauty’s Radiance Glow Series offers a set of skincare products that will help achieve that glow. Bask in that glow with the Purifying Facial Foam, a hydrating Toner Essence, a brightening Illuminating Serum, a protective Advanced Day Cream, and a Night Gel that repairs and renews the skin overnight.


YOU Beauty gift makeup skincare cloud touch

If your bestie is all about that base, grab the Y.O.U Beauty Cloud Touch Complexion Series, with the Cloud Touch Blurring Skin Tint, a lightweight, full-to-medium coverage tint with SPF; the Cloud Touch Correcting Concealer Palette, a multi-functional creamy four-color concealer and correction palette; and the Cloud Touch Invisible Setting Powder, a silky, weightless powder that works all day-long to reduce shine and blur out pores. Who doesn’t love a luminous, silky base?


YOU Beauty gift makeup skincare simplicity

There’s nothing boring about the basics. Minimalist makeup enthusiasts love just a simple touch of color and glow on their skin, and Y.O.U Beauty’s Simplicity Series offers exactly that. Gift your loved ones a complete set with the weightless, moisturizing Simplicity Perfect BB Cream, the glowy Simplicity Gleam Highlighter, and the duo of the Simplicity Cotton Lip Clay and Simplicity Love You Tint, which they can top off with the Simplicity Icy Glow Lip Serum.


YOU Beauty gift makeup skincare sunscreen

Remind your loved ones never to skip the ever-important step of protecting your skin from the sun and UV rays with any of the sunscreens from Y.O.U. Beauty’s Sunbrella Series. Choose from the Sunbrella Intensive Aqua Sunscreen for sensitive skin; the Sunbrella Triple UV Elixir Sunscreen for its soothing, cooling, oil-controlling properties; the Sunbrella Tone-Up Elixir Sunscreen that gives the skin a luminous glow without the whitecast; or the hassle-free, water- and sweat-proof, spray-on Sunbrella Airy Outdoor Sunscreen.

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