We Are Family: 8 Life Lessons We’re Taking From Trolls Band Together

*NO* spoilers ahead.

Let’s dive deep into the heartwarming wisdom woven into Trolls Band Together, providing insights that resonate beyond the fun fact that it’s a film made for children.

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Years after Trolls and Trolls World Tour, the film franchise is back with another movie: Trolls Band Together. In this new adventure, we follow Branch, Poppy, Tiny Diamond, and the beautiful Bergens as they find their way to reunite the band. Oh, did we mention there are a lot of long-lost siblings involved?

In the vibrant and whimsical world of Trolls Band Together, where music, friendship, and family take center stage, there are valuable life lessons waiting to be talked about. No, it’s not just another kids movie. Let’s dive deep into the heartwarming wisdom woven into the colorful narrative, providing insights that resonate beyond the fun fact that it’s a film made for children.

A Beautiful Bond That is Sisterhood 

With Poppy finally finding her long-lost sister, Viva, their instant and beautiful bond proves that there’s nothing stronger than sisterhood. It’s this beautiful reminder that the connection between siblings, or even your ride-or-die besties, is seriously enduring and everlasting. What got us hooked was how their tiny shared quirks made their relationship rock solid. It’s like a cozy reminder that real connections thrive on the simple stuff, turning it into this one-of-a-kind source of unwavering support and companionship.

‘Brothers Are Friends Who Will Never Leave You.’

Through the adventures of Poppy and Branch, Trolls Band Together reinforces the significance of sibling bonds—particularly brotherhood. The relationships of Branch, Clay, Floyd, John Dory, and Spruce serve as a reminder that, sometimes, your siblings are non-negotiable friends who will stand by your side through thick and thin. Yes, they might be annoying at times, testing your patience in their own unique ways, but within that familial friction lies an unbreakable connection forged from shared memories, secret languages, and an unspoken understanding. This proves that family isn’t just a part of your story; they are an integral chapter, a constant presence in your life.

That said, your family is always something worth fighting for. The lessons learned, togetherness, and unwavering support found within the folds of your family make the journey richer. This emphasizes that amidst life’s challenges, sibling camaraderie is an enduring force that makes every struggle, every triumph, and every shared memory all the more meaningful.

Don’t rush yourself into growing up.

Much like Tiny Diamond in the magical world of Trolls, being the youngest in the family makes you wish you could swap spots with the grown-ups. Totally normal, right? Especially when you’re trying to connect with both the younger and older generations. But here’s the tea: don’t rush into adulthood, and enjoy those sweet moments of being the everyone’s favorite. There’s something special about being treated like a kid when, you’re in fact, still a kid. Because, mark my words, you’ll be missing the carefree days of childhood once you’re officially an adult.

Family fights are normal.

Trolls Band Together didn’t think twice about portraying families realistically. The disbandment of Brozone serves as a life lesson that disagreements are natural within family dynamics, emphasizing that it’s okay to have differences. It’s all about resolving conflicts with love and empathy, recognizing that these challenges contribute to growth both as a group and individuals. As the Trolls face challenges, the overarching theme is that love, patience, and support transcend all obstacles.

It’s important to communicate your feelings.

In moments when you find yourself resonating with Branch’s sense of abandonment and loneliness, the instinct to navigate life independently may kick in. While fostering independence is undoubtedly valuable, it’s equally crucial to recognize that you’re not alone; there are people around you, whether they’re family or chosen companions, who are ready to lend an ear, offer support, and stand by your side.

The movie sends an important message of acknowledging this support system. It’s a gentle nudge to remind yourself that, even in your most challenging moments, communication becomes the bridge to sustaining meaningful relationships. By expressing your feelings and allowing others to be a part of your journey, you strengthen the bonds that make life’s melodies all the more harmonious.

Music mends a broken heart.

In every Trolls film, the healing power of music emerges as a central theme, and Trolls Band Together is no exception. The movie illustrates how, much like a soothing melody, music mends a broken heart. Whether you’re facing challenges, family conflicts, or all those crazy curveballs that life throws your way, there’s nothing like a personalized playlist to fix it.

There’s a difference between leadership and being bossy.

When the oldest sibling is often obligated to look after the younger ones, it’s crucial to recognize that being the eldest doesn’t automatically equate to being the leader. In relation to the narrative of the self-appointed leader, John Dory, Trolls Band Together subtly underscores the nuanced difference between leadership and mere bossiness.

This life lesson encourages individuals to be role models within their families, demonstrating understanding, support, and patience. True leadership within sibling dynamics involves inspiring and guiding rather than dictating. It’s about fostering an atmosphere where every member feels heard, allowing room for shared responsibilities and collective decision-making. By steering away from being bossy, family members can cultivate an environment that thrives on trust, mutual respect, and genuine care for one another.

You are not your sibling, and that’s okay.

There’s a common scenario where younger siblings find themselves lurking in the shadows of the older ones. Take Veneer, for instance—he went through this whole transformation thing in order to be like a spitting image of his sister, Velvet. But here’s the thing: you are not your sibling, and that’s a good thing.

Sure, your siblings can be role models, influencing the person you become, but that doesn’t mean you’re destined to be their carbon copy. So, here’s the deal—take a moment, and let your personalities intermingle. Growing together doesn’t mean becoming replicas; it’s about being your own person, and there’s nothing more beautiful than embracing your authentic self.

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