All The Life Lessons We’re Taking From Mimiyuuuh For 2024


If you’re searching for a dose of inspiration, a dash of resolution, and a pinch of tough love for the new year, here are some lessons we’re taking from Mimiyuuuh.

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No matter how hyped you are about those New Year’s resolutions, here’s the tea: if your mindset’s still stuck in last year’s loop, reaching those goals might just stay a distant dream. Whether you’re striving for that glow-up, a year bursting with globetrotting adventures, or a bunch of other aspirations, stop yourself from chasing motivation in all the wrong corners—it’s about believing in yourself and having the right support system.

As we dive into this new year, we’re grabbing some serious wisdom that screams ‘new year, new me‘ from your girl. When the regular Monday Motivations aren’t cutting it, and you’re in need of that extra push to kickstart things, here’s the lowdown on the life lessons we’re snagging from Mimiyuuuh to slay the game in 2024.

It’s Not All About Work



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In a society that pushes the relentless grind, Mimiyuuuh’s words hit hard: “Wag lang work nang work.” It’s a wake-up call to avoid overworking oneself—don’t grind yourself to dust. From time to time, hitting pause, exploring hobbies, and getting lost in those Netflix binges is the vibe.

But hey, what if we took that much-needed vacation? Mimiyuuuh’s advice shouts self-care, urging us to hustle smarter, not tougher. It’s about striking that perfect balance between grinding and chilling for the ultimate win.

No Partner Needed



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The playful wisdom from Mimiyuuuh hits differently: “Hindi mo kailangan nang jowa, ang kailangan mo pera.” It’s a witty push toward self-sufficiency, advocating for financial stability before diving into romantic relationships. Her words echo the truth that “ang jowa dadating kapag time mo na, ang pera hindi dadating kung hindi tayo magwowork.” It’s a reality check—our paychecks are often just enough to cover our own expenses, so why add another person to the equation if it strains our finances further?

Take Care of Yourself—Physically and Mentally

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Self-care isn’t just about bubble baths and face masks—it’s a lifestyle. Imagine catching a full eight hours of shut-eye, yet you’re still running on empty, feeling mentally drained. In a candid conversation with Benedict Cua, Mimiyuuuh emphasizes the essence of balance. This year, it’s all about that time game—set work hours for hustling and friend time for making memories. Remember, your grind thrives when your self-care game is strong.

Worthy of Love

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Whether it’s intentional or not, we all stumble upon those who make us feel like we’re tough to love. But truth be told, they might just need a crash course in the language of love. Don’t shoulder the blame for their love-lingo mishaps. The right person won’t dim your shine; they’ll make you feel nothing short of spectacular.

Remember, “loving is really easy if you are with the right person.” This year, here’s the memo: cut off anything that makes you doubt your worth, and hold onto those who lift you up. Let’s rewrite the love story, celebrating your worth and demanding the love and respect you deserve—no exceptions.

You’ve Got Serious Game



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Above all, Mimiyuuuh believes in your potential and abilities. When it’s time to kickstart the back-to-work season, she’s got your back! This content creator’s words resonate, echoing, “Marami kami na naniniwala sayo, you are capable of a lot of things,” reminding you that you’ve got some serious game.

The cherry on top? Don’t let self-doubt become your roadblock; “sarili mo lang kalaban mo” is her blunt wake-up call. To say the least, Mimiyuuuh has your motivation playlist sorted, setting the stage for a year of conquering goals and showcasing what you’re made of.

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