Boom, It’s In The Bag: Level Up Your Game Gear With This Cool Esports Backpack

It’s game on, folks.

Game upgrades? Check. Lethal gear combo? Check. A top-of-the-line, professional backpack to put it all in and take on your journey? Well, Tumi has got you covered on and offline.

Remember when video games were considered mere child’s play, a waste of time, and a hobby at best? Well, in a time where competitive gaming has shifted from the cold and dark enclaves of your room and into larger-than-life stadiums in the same scope and seriousness of spectator sports worth the big bucks, look who’s laughing now? You see, the rise of esports from just a game to a global phenomenon is more than turning live streams into a live events and casual gamers into rockstars. Catapulting it from late night play gameplay to cultural cornerstone of the modern age, competitive video gaming has legitimized everything people dismissed of it before, proving that the journey is different for everyone. Eventually, just as with any aspect, we still reach a destination—this time, it’s all simulated.

One cannot argue the level of success that esports has amassed over the years, especially at a point where everyone had to migrate and find ways to thrive online in the midst of the pandemic. With the entire world going virtual in most, if not all aspects, gaming has become that venue where people could escape and even from. While movements we were used to in large and small scales, especially in traveling, were limited or outright locked down, seeking out adventures came in the form of League Of Legends, Overwatch, Call Of Duty, Counter-Strike, and Fortnite among many, many others.

“Now more than ever, we see gaming as an outlet to escape our realities, striving to be the champions we all want to be,” begins Victor Sanz, Creative Director for Tumi, the leading international travel, lifestyle, and performance luxury brand. Here, he introduces us to their latest adventure, the creation of the first-ever professional esports collection. Yes, you read that right.

The Case For Esports

“With guidance from those who know the industry best, we immersed ourselves into the gaming community and created innovative products they haven’t experienced yet. Each element was obsessed over and engineered to deliver optimized utility and enhance every champion’s journey,” he details of this expansion in a largely untapped market for their product focus. In this pioneering endeavor, Tumi brings its expertise and unequalled quest for innovation, and combines it with what the gamers need for their professional specifics. Guided by the unique insight from the brand’s partnership with One Esports the year prior, Tumi figured out what was ultimately important and necessary to not only carry, but also protect the prized tech and gear of competitive video game players.

Unmatched with its precision in detail and design, as well as of a penchant for superior functionality, Tumi has carefully considered every aspect of this release, optimizing the gaming performance in more ways than one. And if you think the thought stops there, think again, because aside from the standard it employed for the gaming aspect, Tumi also made sure that it honored the world’s natural resources by integrating sustainable materials. Inspired by the pros, but made for every one playing behind the desk, on-the-go, or at a sold-out hall, this esports-focused collection makes full use of abrasion-resistant coatings (meaning your gadgets and tools are safe from scratches) and the signature ballistic nylon that when fused together become a refined essential that is durable and looking mighty damn good.


Let The Games Begin

Realizing that esports is greater than the game, this development of Tumi is designed to help plays in perfecting the journey of their own choosing, you know, as the choices usually operate in liberation online. For the more casual and compact, the small but high-impact Pro Sling, Pro Accessories Case, and Pro Crossbody houses everything your handheld device needs for a smooth game play. Now, for something more evolved and enduring, the Esports Large Pro Backpack is more your style.

Designed with elite esports athletes in mind, this bag is perfect for players at any level. With its collapsible shelves for organization and protection, the deceptively simple but otherwise super cool backpack also prides itself with padded, expandable pockets to keep everything in check and in fighting form. It also gives you even more access with its integrated USB that will ensure that your locked and loaded for your next game. Even when just at home, these worthy additions to your gaming gear will hold everything in place, making sure your life, level, and legend-making status is all in place.

Always driven and inspired by the pursuit of passion, Tumi blazes a new trail with its integration into the gaming community. Fuelled by the desire to excel and endure, the brand is committed to this journey. It may not take us to the physical distances we were once used to, but at least for the time being, it is carving out this adventure when and where it matters, Tumi will always be compelled to go for what is epic, even if that is of the URL sort rather than IRL for now.

Get your head in the game, because the adventure starts after you press play.

To get your hands on the first-ever professional esports collection, visit the brand spanking new website of Tumi Philippines, <Tumi.ph> where you can get to experience the products up close. Seamless, easy to navigate, and a sight to behold, the site also offers you an immersive look into the entire product line of Tumi that has been helping many adventure seekers in their pursuit of perfecting the journey.