KZ Tandingan And Martin Nievera’s Endearing History Will Melt Your Hearts

Prepare your tissues.

With a relationship that spans over a decade now, KZ Tandingan and Martin Nievera’s special father-daughter-like connection traces a heartwarming story.

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The world of show business is notorious for being tough, one that is filled with controversies and tricky situations. However, amidst all of this chaos, there are also inspiring and uplifting stories that can warm the heart. One of these stories is the special and enduring relationship between Asia’s Soul Supreme, KZ Tandingan, and the Concert King himself, Martin Nievera. Their heartwarming connection, like that of a father and daughter, has lasted for over a decade and is rooted in a gem of a history that is sure to tug at your heartstrings.


KZ Tandingan first shared how Martin Nievera became like a father figure to her in the August 2016 episode of the ABS-CBN talk show, Magandang Buhay. In a surprise appearance, KZ relates how Martin Nievera, whom she calls “dad,” became her and her The X Factor Philippines batchmates’ adoptive parent during the show’s successful run in 2012. After one rehearsal night, KZ says that Martin Nievera offered her and the other X Factor contestants to sleep at his home.

“Hindi kami makapaniwala na natutulog kami sa bahay ng Concert King,” says KZ. Martin’s sincere kindness and hospitality have touched KZ, who remembers how he arranged a room for them and filled it with food and even games to keep them entertained. What’s even more moving is that some of them, including KZ, weren’t even Martin’s mentees, yet he welcomed them wholeheartedly.

What started as an overnight stay turned into weeks, months, and even years of a close, family-like bond. KZ’s fondest memory was when they would go swimming together, and Martin Nievera would grill special burgers for them, like a hands-on dad. Even after The X Factor wrapped up, Martin Nievera continued to offer KZ and his other X Factor kids a home to go to, especially since they all hail from the provinces.

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“It would’ve been tougher for all of us if hindi niya kami tinulungan,” says the emotional KZ. Even when four years had already passed during the interview, KZ Tandingan noted how Martin Nievera never changed and had still been a “super daddy” to them. Martin Nievera even helped KZ when she rented an apartment on her own, supporting her like a true father. 


Ten years later, KZ Tandingan is now a celebrated artist in her own right. And like a full-circle moment, KZ is now Martin Nievera’s fellow mentor in the reality series The Voice Kids. However, despite her success, their father-daughter connection remains as strong as ever, just as it was before.


some things never change. 🥹🥲 Catch us on the The Voice Kids PH every Saturday and Sunday! ❤️

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In KZ’s TikTok video that’s now been viewed over a million times, the Mahal Ko O Mahal Ako singer has once again warmed a lot of hearts with all the sweet memories of her and her daddy Martin. What makes the video even more special is that special and nostalgic burger she got from the person who has been there for her for more than a decade. “Martin Nievera, you’re the best,” says KZ as she takes a bite. “I love you forever and ever!”

KZ Tandingan and Martin Nievera

And the endearing story doesn’t even stop here. Did you know that Martin Nievera was also the reason why KZ Tandingan and her husband TJ Monterde met? In another Magandang Buhay episode with the three, TJ reveals that he used to be under Martin Nievera’s music label and used to be his front act in his mall shows, where KZ was always present. Martin Nievera was indeed their Cupid. 

And during KZ and TJ’s wedding in 2020, not only did Martin Nievera become their ninong, he was also the one who walked KZ down the aisle, at the time when her family couldn’t attend because of the pandemic. In the same Magandang Buhay episode, KZ Tandingan expressed her gratitude to her daddy Martin who never stopped treating her like family. “You’re the daughter I’ve always wanted,” says Martin Nievera. We’re not crying, you are!

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