Kyline Alcantara Is A Confident Cook Trying TikTok Recipes In Her New Vlog

Chef Kyline is in the house!

In her new vlog, Kyline Alcantara shows that it only takes confidence and creativity to be a (self-proclaimed) master chef.

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Another week, another treat for her beloved Sunflowers as Kyline Alcantara has released a new vlog where she tries out, through her best effort, some famous TikTok recipes. In another episode of Keeping It Real With Kyline, the young star is living proof that it only needs a bit of patience and a large amount of self-confidence and creativity to be a chef and/or barista. Below are some of the highlights of Kyline’s most recent vlog which has heaps of funny moments that will entertain and reassure you about your cooking skills.


Kyline Alcantara saying "Expert talaga ako guys"

Before the challenge even begins, Kyline charms us with her humor as she claims to be an expert chef herself, even proudly saying that she knows how to cook steak. Inspired by Selena’s cooking show, Kyline takes on the challenge as she starts with the popular mouth-watering Japanese recipe, Omurice. And it looks like a good start as she confidently beats the eggs like a pro. “Guys, madali lang ‘to sobra,” says Kyline as she struggles with the chopsticks.


Kyline showing her sunflower-inspired scrambled egg creation

And yes, Kyline fails on her first try. But like her confident advice for future chefs, she’s not giving up. So, she tries it again and this second time, she combines her confidence with some “originality” as she successfully makes, not the TikTok Omurice, but her own Sunflower Scrambled Egg creation. It still looks appetizing to be honest.


Kyline and a photo of Mavy Legaspi

We know that Kyline Alcantara is one-half of one of the most promising Gen Z love teams, MavLine. Kyline has mentioned in her vlog that she talked to Mavy and even bragged about her newest content. This, after reinventing (not failing!) the Omurice and also saying: “Sa magiging future asawa ko, pag-aaralan ko for you.” There, we’ll just let you connect the dots.


Kyline Alcantara tries her milky ramen.

Of course, Kyline won’t let her Sunflowers down as she finally aces the next TikTok recipe, the Korean Creamy Milky Ramen. She even shares that just like us, she always craves Korean noodles everytime she watches a K-Drama. 


A photo of Kyline's coffee with a smiley face design made out of cereals

“Guys, barista nga pala ako sorry,” jokes Kyline as she sets on her third TikTok recipe, coffee art. “Requested talaga ‘ko, especially with my friends, alam nila na magaling ako gumawa ng coffee art.” Two glasses of coffee and milk later, Kyline has made not a tulip, rosetta, or heart coffee design, but something she calls a “crescent moon.” The coffee lover even takes it on another level as she tops her cappuccino with some cereals shaped as a smiley face. We love a creative idol. That’s A for effort, Kyline!

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