Did You Know, Kira Balinger Originally Auditioned For The Role Of Valentina In Darna?

What could have been in an alternate universe.

With season two of Darna comes a slew of new characters, such as Kira Balinger’s Luna. But there was a chance that she might have played a different character. 

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Season two of Darna has finally landed. And with all new episodes that follow Darna, her friends, and her foes, we are introduced to brand new characters looking to shake up the story. One such new character that has got people talking is the superpowered Luna from Marte, played by young actress Kira Balinger. 

Just a few episodes she’s in, Luna has received a positive reception and may even become a fan favorite. But if things went differently during the show’s production, Kira might have been playing a different character altogether, possibly even the series’ iconic baddie, Valentina.


During a recent interview on TV5’s Frontline Sa Umaga, Kira revealed that her appearance on Darna was a long time coming as she actually auditioned for the show three times. On the first try, she missed the audition for Darna. She then auditioned for the role of Valentina which she, as we all know, did not get. But Kira isn’t sour about the rejection as she shares, “Medyo hindi ko kayang matapang na kontrabida [role] yet.”

As they say though, the third time is the charm, and when it came time to casting Luna, Kira was a shoo-in during her audition. In fact, the producers molded the character just for her. “They really made this role for me. So, the fact that they trust me for this role ay sobrang laking bagay para sa akin.”


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So far, it seems to have been the right decision. Even though this is Kira’s first action series, she’s doing a pretty good job. Her costume alone wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood production. Meanwhile, the action scene that introduced Luna in the November 15 episode was one of the best and coolest the show has put on screen to date. No doubt it’s a product of all the hard work, preparation, and training Kira and the rest of the cast put in with the action scenes. Kira even changes her look and sports a variation of a pixie cut hair in the series.

While it initially seemed that Luna was going to be an antagonist, it turns out that she’s a former student of Narda’s mom and an ally. Seeing Luna adjust to the human world has proven to be some of the highlights of the new episodes so far. TBH, she’s giving us Eleven from Stranger Things vibes, so there might be a twist coming our way.

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Admittedly, we have our what-ifs of how Kira as Valentina or even Darna would have looked like. But still, we’re excited to see how Luna and this new storyline play out. Plus, it’s also a big break for Kira Balinger who more than deserves the praise she’s been getting as of late. It just goes to show you that your time will eventually come.

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