KinnPorsche Brings The Heat To Manila For Its World Tour

We're ready for all of it.

From Thai BL show to global phenomenon, KinnPorsche is ready to give its Filipino fans some intense kilig through its concert in Manila on Saturday.

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There is no denying that Thailand’s Boys’ Love (BL) series has held sway over the globe with its stories that spotlight the complex and captivating beauty of queer love. BL dramas have quickly become Thai’s powerful cultural export, which has even prompted other countries like Vietnam, South Korea, and the Philippines to follow suit and explore the highly successful genre.

While BL dramas have been present in Thai media since 2014, it wasn’t until 2020 when the rest of the world was in quarantine and needed an escape that the genre started its meteoric rise. From the university rom-com 2gether: The Series, one colorful queer rom-com after another has captured the attention and hearts of many. Since then, Thailand’s BL shows have become a global phenomenon and have built a solid fanbase from around the world. One of them is KinnPorsche, where crime and action meet queer love and passion. 


A poster of KinnPorsche concert in manila for their world tour

Produced by Be On Cloud and based on the novel of the same name by the Thai writing duo Daemi, KinnPorsche finds Kinn (Phakphum “Mile” Romsaithong), an heir to a mafia clan, as he falls in love with his newly recruited bodyguard Porsche (Nattawin “Apo” Wattanagitiphat). They are forced to navigate their complicated love as they are thrust into the criminal underworld filled with violence, rivalries and betrayal. Plus a lot of sensual romance and hallucinating chemistry that will ultimately make you swoon hard. 

A photo of Kinn Anakinn Theerapanyakun and Porsche Pachara Kittisawat in the show KinnPorsche.

Ever since its release last April, the 14-episode BL series has reached a global phenomenon status with its actors becoming superstars overnight, gaining millions of followers right after the show. After all, the show’s trailer alone has already been watched for over seven million times and counting. KinnPorsche has become a massive hit, and now, its cast is currently touring the world through its KinnPorsche The Series World Tour 2022. And their next stop is Manila. 


“I feel happy and I feel joy, because [of how our] work gets so exposed that everybody knows it,” Jeff Satur, who plays Kinn’s younger brother Kim in the series, tells NYLON Manila. “[Especially when everybody gets the] message of our series about love, acceptance, and sexuality, it just makes the world a better place.” The Thai actor-singer’s character is also a musician who’s known by his stage name Wik and is a love interest to Porsche’s younger brother Porschay. (Jeff has also produced a couple of original soundtracks for the show.) 

A photo of Kinn Anakinn Theerapanyakun and Porsche Pachara Kittisawat in the show KinnPorsche.

“For our show here in the Philippines, you can expect a little bit of everything,” Bible Sumettikul, who plays the series’ antagonist Vegas, shares with the press during a roundtable discussion. “If you’ve seen our series, it’s gonna be just like that. It’s gonna have the action, the comedy, and some spice for everybody.” First announced last August by concert promoters PULP Live World and Live Nation Philippines, KinnPorsche will bring the heat to the Philippines on October 22 (Saturday) at the Mall of Asia Arena. Head on to Live Nation’s website and get your tickets now!

In the meantime, you can watch KinnPorsche through the streaming platform iQiyi. Get ready for some intense kilig moments!

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