Curtain hairstyle

Before E-Boys, James Reid, And Jungkook, There Was The Keempee Hairstyle

It's really the hair that does it for us.

The girls may be swooning over guys with curtain hair (as what they call it) ever since young Leonardo DiCaprio graced our screens, but why exactly is it called the “kimpi/keempee” or “katsupoy” here in the Philippines?

What do Johnny Depp, James Reid, BTS’ Jungkook, and Tiktok star Paolo Torvas have in common? Aside from their devilish charm and talent, we hate to admit it, but it’s really the hair that does it for us. The curtain hairstyle was popularized in the 90s by Hollywood’s famous heartthrobs and pop boybanders. It was the go-to style not only because it instantly made your sex appeal skyrocket, but it’s low maintenance and has a nice texture that can be styled from bad boy to ideal boyfriend—whichever floats your boat. So, it’s no surprise that even the E-boys would bring back the trend. Here are some of the best curtain hairstyles we’ve seen so far.

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Photos from FacebookKlasik Titos and Titas of Manila

In the Philippines, not everyone knows this, but it was first sported by Filipino actor-comedian, Salvador Garcia Tampac, aka Cachupoy. He often parted his hair in the middle and eventually became his trademark. We loosely use the term now to tease someone who’s trying to look like 90s Leonardo, but people don’t realize it actually originated from one of our most celebrated actors from early Philippine cinema. Fast forward to the 90s, actor Keempee De Leon became one of the first leading men to sport the curtain cut and became his signature (hence, the “keempee” or “kimpi” as it evolved overtime). Naturally, everyone else followed suit like Patrick Garcia, Carlo Aquino, Rico Yan, and Danilo Barrios. However, as with any trend, it slowly died down when spiky hair with tons of gel came into the picture in the 2000s.


Who would’ve thought the Insta-generation would bring it back? We thought we would hate it, but for some reason, it’s making us feel some type of way. Speaking of which, can we talk about Jungkook’s blonde era? What’s his motive? Is he having an existential crisis? Is there a surprise comeback? Or is he just trying to kill ARMYs?


Remember the iconic Regina George’s where she talks to her boyfriend? “Your hair looks sexy pushed back.” You can’t deny it, James Reid OWNED this hairstyle. Whether he wore it slick, in the middle, or parted it on one side, this era was dominant. Not gonna lie, his new long locks still remind us of a young Johnny Depp!


TikTok is a gold mine. Paolo Torvas is one of the popular creators who brought back this trend and it added to his signature smoulder. He may look like a bad boy (you know, the type to leave you hanging), but he actually has a soft side not everyone can see. Same Paolo, we’re feeling marupok, too.


P-Pop group SB19 may often be known for their ever-evolving hairstyles and looks, but their lead rapper Josh always shows us the different ways to style the curtain hairstyle. Blonde, jet black or a fresh-out-of-the-shower look, he nails it as per usual.


Rapunzel may think his face deserves to be hit by a pan, but Flynn Rider’s hair is a gift from the gods. To the next Disney prince, take notes.