Kiana Valenciano Made A Dress From Scratch In 5 Minutes For Her New Single’s Cover Art

Woops, Kiana V snapped!

Kiana V kept it unfiltered and raw from start to finish for her newest single, Dazed

Kiana Valenciano just released her soulful single Dazed ahead of her highly-anticipated EP, which is set to debut on the end of July. The track is a fever dream brought to life by sensual beats, her haunting song-writing, skills and that voice. But how do you encapsulate all of those in a single photo?

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Kiana V enlisted the help of her close friends photographer DJ Magbanua and lifestyle editor Vani Altomonte who was tasked with the creative direction. The styling? It was all Kiana. Most people are unaware that before diving deep into music, she previously studied fashion at Central Saint Martins in London, which is why style comes naturally to her. The beautifully draped dress on the Dazed cover? Kiana V revealed that she made that dress five minutes before shooting. “I just found a couple of spare fabrics at home and played with it.”

Kiana V Valenciano style fashion outfit
Kiana V sewing the dress on the spot
Kiana V Valenciano style fashion outfit

The money shot was a breathtaking photo of Kiana beneath layers and layers of tulle and yes—the five-minute draped dress made it to the cut! Hard to imagine having to balance yourself on top of huge rocks by the beach while keeping the draping of the outfit in check and posing all at the same time.

“We were so hyped when we saw the photos, but I couldn’t recreate the drape anymore,” Kiana V shares. If the photo doesn’t scream femininity, then we don’t know what will because Kiana and her team killed it. A movement visual will also be released soon for Dazed, so keep an eye out for more updates from the singer-songwriter. For now, you can stream the track here.

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