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Kathryn Bernardo’s Indonesian Fans Planted 266 Trees In Her Name

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Kathryn Bernardo’s Indonesia fans, called KaDreamers, dedicated the tree planting project to her.

Kathryn Bernardo is one of the most popular stars of her generation, considered by many to be a young icon and the standard of what it means to be a young superstar. It’s no surprise then that her popularity isn’t just limited to just the Philippines. In fact, she has fans from around the world, taking space in places such as Tokyo to Paris, and Los Angeles. Kathryn’s fans in Indonesia, called KaDreamers, decided to do a special project to show their love for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The result was not a trending hashtag, but a project to help the environment.

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The Project

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On June 4, the group announced the project on their Twitter and Instagram pages. The project planted 266 trees in Indonesia dedicated to Kathryn. The photos released by the group showed two people holding a sign that says, “Kathryn Bernardo x KaDreamers Indonesia for the earth.” Documents that accompanied the photos showed that even though the sign says 250 trees, they actually planted 266 pohon (trees in Indonesian) and that the trees planted were Rhizophora plants (true mangroves). The trees were planted in Kampung Laut, Cilacap, Indonesia with help of Lindungihutan environmental services.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s Reaction

The heartwarming deed did not go unnoticed by Kathryn and Daniel. Kathryn Bernardo shared their tweet on Twitter along with the caption “YOU’RE THE BEST GUYS!!” Daniel, meanwhile, commented on the group’s Instagram post announcing the project saying “Wow!!!” and “Thanks guys!!!” Of course, the group were more than happy to share that their project was recognized by their idols.

Fans doing special projects for their idols

The idea of fans and certain fan groups doing a special project for their idol is nothing new. It’s a common sight to see fan clubs in the world of K-Pop plan and organize a special project for their idol. That actually happened recently when Pinoy ARMYs adopted 8 whales in honor of BTS’s 8th anniversary. The group behind the project, Bangtan Boys Philippines, has said that they are planning more projects like this in the coming weeks in honor of BTS. In any case, it’s nice to see fan groups like Kathryn Bernardo use their time and energy to do projects that not only show their love to their idols but also make the world a better place.

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