Jeff Satur’s Long-Awaited Reunion With His Filipino Saturdayss Was Worth The Wait

Nothing but love

A couple of years after his last trip to the country, Jeff Satur was back in the country and more than happy to reunite with his Filipino fans.

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It doesn’t take long for you to realize that Jeff Satur walked into the room. As he and a few members of his team walked into a room to greet a select few journalists who were there to interview him backstage at the New Frontier Theater before his concert last March 2, the pop star energy was palpable. Appropriately dressed in all black, which included a sequined top, Jeff was more than ready to express how grateful he was for being in the country. You wouldn’t have guessed from his chill nature that afternoon that he would blow the socks off hundreds of his Filipino Saturdayss (the name of his fandom) just a few hours later. 



The last time we spoke with Jeff Satur, he not-so-subtly shared how he was excited to go to the Philippines for his then-unannounced world tour. With his Space Shuttle No. 8 Asia Tour finally making a stop in Manila last weekend, the moment finally came. “I really love to be here,” he excitedly shares. His experience in the country last time as part of the KinnPorche World Tour, which included a cover of Ben&Ben’s Leaves, left good memories. So, being back in the country was a moment he cherished. 


“I miss [my Filipino fans] so much. So, I think it’s a good chance to be here and just like to meet them. I’m so excited.” And of course, no trip to the Philippines is complete without the food, something Jeff was able to cross off his list. Garlic rice, beef, and scrambled eggs are what he ordered when asked if he was able to try Filipino food.   


Ever since the multi-talented star made a splash in the Thai entertainment scene, Jeff has made a name for himself as a dynamic performer and artist. With the release of his first full studio album, Space Shuttle No. 8, his artistry and creativity reach new heights. Its blend of fresh and modern genres such as pop, R&B, rock, hip-hop, and 80s sounds speaks to his deep and complex mind. As much as the album is a journey, so too is the tour of the same name. 


“I want to take you guys to a place that you have never visited before in your life,” he shares on the meaning behind the name. “I just want you to explore by yourself, to sit and to question yourself. In each station, there will be some feeling. And when you reach the destination, it’s going to be the place that you have never seen before and also the place that you would feel different from the first time that you are on the spiritual level.”


True to the experience of the multilingual Space Shuttle No. 8 album, the concert is also a journey unlike any other. “It’s a show that you have never seen before because it’s the Jeff Satur show. I think each artist has a different kind of show, mine too.” Taking inspiration from duality, this new era of Jeff’s plays on the idea of two competing sides of the same figure. “It’s going to be pretty dark. And at the same time, there’s going to be two of me. So, my show is kind of like two different kinds of feelings. There’s a dark side and there’s a romantic kind of side.”


A lot of thought went behind the show, which is no wonder fans left that night with memories to keep well beyond March. He gave the audience a show and his Filipino fans an experience to think about. “I just want to tell a story of how one person has two sides to them. On one side, it could be anything, it could be dark, it could be light. But for me, in the album, it’s going to be pretty dark and also light. But both are the same one.” Jeff adds, “[I]n all that, I just want you to explore and interpret it your own way.”


Space Shuttle No. 8’s stop in Manila did not disappoint. Both as a body of work and concert, it was an expedition into the mind of one of the most exciting Thai artists out there. And while he couldn’t pick a favorite part of the concert (he likes the entire show), he does have the sweetest words to the people who make him happy, his Filipino Saturdayss. “Supportive, lovely, wild energy, and also cute. Mahal kita.” It’s safe to say Jeff Satur had the best time, and so too did his fans.

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