Janella Salvador Just Entered Her Ginger Hair Era And You Can, Too


Janella Salvador’s ginger hair is taking the internet by storm. Here are more ways you can join the copper club.

Over the years, we’ve seen so many hair trends emerge and resurface. From platinum blonde locks to a layered butterfly cut, we’ve seen these hair styles have their moment. However, ginger hair seems to stay on the spotlight after all these years. We’ve seen the burnt orange color make its resurgence in 2021 and 2022. This year? Our favorite celebrities and influencers prove that the coveted do is not leaving anytime soon.

Janella Salvador Ginger Hair
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Local stars like Nadine Lustre and Andrea Brillantes have had their fair share of ginger moments, and new to the club is no other than Janella Salvador herself. Known for her extraordinary cuts and colors, it’s not a surprise that she has entered her ginger hair era. While she may be adventurous when it comes to her hair, the bright fire-y tangerine shade is a breathe of fresh air from her subtle blonde streaks.

Janella Salvador Ginger Hair
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If you’re looking to change your overall vibe, why not go for something as fierce as Janella? We understand how scary it is to try something new, especially when it involves bleaching and coloring. Luckily, there are more options to choose from. Whether it’s the cut, the tone, or both, you can definitely work your way around the ‘do based on your preference. Check out these other celebrities who rocked the orange locks to inspire you to dye your hair, too.


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Get your ginger inspo from non-other than Hayley Williams. While Hayley is known for her bright colored hair, it’s not a secret that she always goes back to orange. For that edgy look, ask for chopped full bangs and a layered frontal.


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Who says nature girls can’t dye their hair? Andrea Brillantes proves that you can still look natural with your ginger hair. If you’re not a fan of short hair like Janella’s, one way to change your look is to accessorize. Embody that nature goddess vibe using claw clips to put your hair up, just like Andrea did.


CIARA GAN ginger hair
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Go for a 70s-inspired approach with Ciara Gan’s ginger butterfly cut. Perfect for folks with thick locks, the butterfly cut will add delicious layers for a voluminous effect.


ICE SPICE ginger hair
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Orphan Annie whomst? Most curly girls and guys try not dye their hair to avoid curl damage, but rapper Ice Spice proves you can rock the ginger ‘do no matter the hair texture.


ZENDAYA ginger hair
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Wavy hair? Don’t care! While Hayley Kiyoko rocks the long layered look, Zendaya on the other hand, went for a shorter approach. To get the look, ask for a bob and micro bangs to match.


NADINE LUSTRE ginger hair
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We love a Y2K updo! Nadine Lustre’s ginger half-up, half-down ‘do is a unique way to style your long tangerine locks. To get the look, start by curling your hair, then sectioning the front part into slick side bangs. To finish the look, create a half-bun and secure with bobby pins.


SZA ginger hair
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This one’s for the long and curly girls. Looking for more reasons to dye your kinky locks? Sza’s got your back. If you’re worried about getting damaged curls, the best remedy to dyed curly hair is a weekly hair mask and an intensive hair routine. Having ginger curls is worth it if you want to have locks as gorgeous as Sza’s.


RIHANNA ginger hair
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If you’re scared to go for a bright orange color, leave it to Miss Riri to tone it down and still have the same effect. To get the look, mix copper and burgundy for a low-key effect.


TONI SIA ginger hair
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Since summer is coming up, and long hair isn’t in your options, go for a copper wolf-inspired cut just like Toni Sia. The layered frontal will keep you hair away from your face and the short layered bob away from your neck. The best part is you can still join the ginger club even with the hot weather.

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