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Ivana Alawi Has Been Working On Something Skin-Deep And This Could Probably Be It

Beauty mogul on the rise.

She just posted a teaser of Ivana Skin and we’re already excited!

Is there anything Ivana Alawi cannot do? The thing about the Filipina-Moroccan vlogger is you never know what to expect. Whether it’s her crazy pranks on YouTube, buying a Ferrari randomly, or marrying herself (because why not?), she will certainly go for it. And not only that, she also works hard for everything she has. With all the things going for her, she’s expanding her reach beyond the landscape of the internet, because this time around, she’s venturing into the beauty industry.

A few hours ago, Ivana posted a sultry photo of her in bed with the caption, “Are you ready? ? @ivanaskinph” OMG. We absolutely are! The logo also features a butterfly, something that Ivana’s been fond of even in the past. She also added “CEO” in her bio, so sooner or later, we’ll be getting more hints before the official release this February. By the looks of it, Ivana’s introducing at least five new products for her first skincare drop based on the photo, and we already know that it’s about to be good. Just look at her skin! Below are three things we’re hoping to see in Ivana Alawi’s skincare line.

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First thing that skincare enthusiasts check these days is if the products they use are ethically made. Knowing Ivana, she values everyone she works with, so we’re hoping her line earns that PETA stamp of approval following more local brands who’ve been prioritizing it.


When you’re living in a tropical country, your skin is most likely acne-prone and sensitive due to the humid weather. Ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil work wonders.


Again, the weather in the Philippines is your number one frenemy because of how notoriously unpredictable it is, making your skin more vulnerable to heat. Having a non-greasy product that’s weightless lessens the chance of clogging the skin and makes it easy to layer.

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