ITZY Has Gotten Us Going Crazy With Their Latest Comeback, LOCO

Im gettin' LOCO, LOCO

ITZY always understands the assignment when it comes to releasing bangers and LOCO and Crazy in Love are no exceptions.

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Ever since their debut in February 2019, ITZY has continuously released stone-cold hit after hit. From Dalla Dalla to ICY, WANNABE, In the morning, and more, ITZY cannot not make it a bop. So, when the group announced that they were having their second comeback of the year this September and drop their first full-length album, expectations were high. And ITZY once again meets those expectations and then some with the release of LOCO.


Produced and written by Korean duo GALACTIKA, the upbeat love song talks about the rollercoaster ride of emotions that one experiences when in love. The track features elements of pop, trap, and even Latin dance. LOCO is reminiscent of their previous releases, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It has all things you expect in an ITZY song, great vocals, an addicting chorus and beat, and yet another iconic dance break.

The music video meanwhile showcases ITZY in a mix of bright, bold, and colorful outfits with a grunge aesthetic that suits them really well. They seamlessly transition from bright pink outfits to darker and more punk outfits. We particularly have a soft spot for Yeji’s cat-inspired outfit. And as always, the girls exhibit sharp dance moves through the video.


But as you go crazy for LOCO, ITZY also dropped their equally excellent first full-length studio album called Crazy in Love. The 16-track album has over 16 songs, including 9 new tracks like the aforementioned LOCO, as well as an English version of the track and the instrumental version of all their comeback singles so far.

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