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Irene’s Tutu On The Queendom MV Is Actually Worth 247 Yards Of Red Velvet Fabric

She did THAT!

So, this is how much it costs to be Irene in Red Velvet’s new Queendom MV.

Make way for the queens of Red Velvet. The mark of true royalty, the K-Pop girl group welcomes us to a new era with Queendom. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and it’s evident with the first MV from Red Velvet’s new era. From the stunning visuals, jaw-dropping beauty looks, and of course, the fashion.

red velvet irene tutu queendom
Maticevski Tutu worn by Irene on Queendom

The eye-catching couture dress as seen on Irene for Queendom’s MV is just *chef’s kiss.* Upon digging deep, the tutu bodice that she wore was actually created by Australian luxury brand, Maticevski. The price? Don’t say we warned you, but Irene’s tutu dress costs $2230 or roughly P112,920.51. Come to think of it, Irene’s tutu dress from Maticevski is enough to buy at least 247 yards of red velvet fabric in real life. For a MV as show-stopping as Red Velvet’s Queendom, you gotta do what you gotta do—no matter how much it costs. From Psycho to queens real quick!

See the glorious Maticevski tutu on Irene in Red Velvet’s Queendom MV below:

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