This Bubble Gang Skit Captures That TikTok Voice You All Know

"Hello mga Ka ___"

That signature TikTok vlogger voice.

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Ever since TikTok blew up in popularity these past few years, the video-sharing platform has taught us a lot about society, such as our penchant for dance challenges. But one interesting aspect that TikTok has shown to us is the way certain people talk. In particular, we’re referring to the way certain TikTok creators, whether they be day-in-the-life vloggers or food reviewers, speak. From their tone, cadence, and more, you can just tell it’s from TikTok. Whether it be a trend, creators copying from other creators, or just how they speak irl, TikTok voice is real, and that is something captured to a T in a skit from the local comedy sketch show Bubble Gang.


Recently, the long-running comedy show dropped a new skit featuring the incomparable Chariz Solomon. It centered on a woman who was celebrating her birthday and decided to invite her friends to eat out. But, as she recounts what happened, she proceeds to talk about the experience, and not in the best way possible. 

@gmanetwork #KapusoFeels: For 📈 today's 📉 vidyow 📈 #CharizSolomon #BubbleGang ♬ original sound – GMA Network

Needless to say, she wasn’t impressed and made it known. In essence, it was a parody of a bad review of a restaurant shared in the way you hear most local TikTok food reviewers speak. Solomon brought out that specific accent and inflections that call to mind those TikTok videos you come across on your FYP of people reviewing the newest “trending” resto on TikTok. And given the reaction on social media, a lot of people can relate to hearing the “TikTok accent”. 

Bubble Gang is no stranger to using their skits to comment on certain parts of Philippine society. There are, of course, Michael V’s viral parody songs such as Dilaw’s Uhaw called Hilaw about low-quality clickbait on social media and Lola Amour’s Waiting in Manila as Waiting Here sa Pila about waiting so long in line just to buy overpriced coffee. And now, we have another low-key classic from the iconic Chariz Solomon on how certain, or a lot, of local TikTok food vloggers speak. Expect scientists to study the TikTok voice decades from now.

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