summer heartbreak virtual camp 2021

Of Ice Cream And Sad Songs: This Virtual Camp Will Ease Your Summer Heartbreak

Do you ever wonder what heartbreak tastes like?

While the season of the sun and actual camp sawi is not possible just yet, the digital counterpart, Summer Heartbreak: A Virtual Camp, is here to help you through your heartbreak, whatever that may be.

There is no known cure for heartbreak, unfortunately. A human condition known and felt since time immemorial, people have long struggled with the sharp pangs of heartache, finding ways to rid oneself of this crummy feeling that really weighs a person down, no matter where one is situated in the barometer of strength. There have been avenues for catharsis, as seen in a lot of different interests, particularly in the arts where many offshoots, expositions, and pursuits have given us many realizations of that mostly unbearable and often unspeakable hurt There have been ways to ease through it, before you know, eventually letting go and moving on from the grieving process.

Whether it be sad songs to dance to, movies that compel a good cry, food filed under guilty pleasures that no one is really guilty of, and a little help from our friends, there are ways to process the emotional misery business. And while it is never bound by time, striking anytime when you least expect it, we have waxed poetic, quite lengthily at that, and sobbed endlessly to summer heartbreak, which comes into full focus in an eternal playlist of songs on Spotify to soundtrack your music video-worthy musings and a virtual camp to get you by.

summer heartbreak playlist virtual camp

While we definitely know what it feels, to some extent, we know what heartbreak sounds like. However, did you ever come to wonder what it tastes like? Yes, aside from sad and bitter, which is but natural to the trajectory of feelings. Well, giving us a bite and keeping us company as we simmer in the mood is the Summer Heartbreak: A Virtual Camp.

Of Ice Cream And Heartbreak

Sure, summer has long gone by now, but because heartbreak is a year round thing, the e-m-o-t-i-o-n-s are at an all high with the Summer Heartbreak 2.0 campaign by Universal Music Group (UMG). While an actual camp sawi is not possible for the time being, the spirit of communal anguish continues online on November 5, with a playlist of songs that will grip your soul with tender tellings and aching professions of love, or whatever of it lingers.

From such tracks as Summer Of Love (Shawn Mendes), ex i never had (LANY), Somebody (Keshi), Oh Shit…Are We In Love? (VALLEY), Leave Before You Love Me (Jonas Brothers, Marshmello), Happier Than Ever (Billie Eilish), Mood Ring (Lorde), Cold Heart (Elton John, Dua Lipa), and Angel Baby (Troye Sivan), not only will you get to sit, sway, and sulk away to the song, but if you join the Summer Heartbreak: A Virtual Camp, you will also get to dig into nine specially crafted ice cream flavors to complete the heartbreak scene. Inspired by the aforementioned tracks, you can get treated to all scoops and swirls of Butterbeer, Buttery Milky Goodness, Corn Flakes Cereal Milk, Dark Chocolate, Smores, Vegan Cookie Dough, Matcha Green Tea With White Chocolate, Strawberry Margarita Sorbet, and Fruit Loops Ice Cream With Rainbow Sprinkles And Marshmallows.

Sounds delicious? Well, while we no one has to go through the strenuous spirals of heartbreak, it is but a part of life. Sure, there is no crying over spilled milk, but at the very least, you can make something out of it. Ice cream perhaps? BRB, we’re putting our hair up in a bun, snuggling in our most comforting loungewear, playing the Summer Heartbreak playlist, and binging on ice cream. Time to indulge in the decadence of feelings. No guilt here, okay.