HUGO is finally in the Philippines: Here’s what you can expect at their flagship store

For the here and now.

Calling all rule-breakers and trendsetters: HUGO has officially arrived.

Inspired by and created for the daring and defiant, HUGO is finally here in the Philippines to make a statement. Launching its first store at Power Plant Mall, the iconic HUGO red makes its entrance where you can’t miss it.

The brand new store, much like the HUGO Spring/Summer 2023 menswear collection, screams raw rebellion and power. Peppered with the sleekly reimagined logo, oversized silhouettes, and contemporary designs, walking into the room feels like a parkour playground for all the proud style rule-breakers and trend-defiers of this generation. HUGO presents us with all the elements we need – from jeans, sweaters, and accessories, to shoes and printed trousers – all while pushing us full swing into any vibe and any identity we want.

That’s what it means to #HugoYourWay after all – to take everything we can get, and add a lil bit of our own spice.

Fully embracing the Filipino spirit, a HUGO-themed sorbetes cart by FIC was the centerpiece no one expected during opening day – a sweet reward for customers who knew exactly what they were doing by being first in line.

#HUGOYourWay, the Filipino Way

Fashion influencers Craig Uy and Blue Zoleta were among those who called first dibs on the selection last June 10, and we sat down with them to chat about what the brand’s latest campaign, #HUGOYourWay, means to a pair of distinct personalities with unapologetic style.

“When I hear #HugoYourWay, it automatically tells me [about] my own personal style,” says Craig Uy on HUGO’s latest collection. With pieces that speak to the styles and sensibilities of the new generation, Craig was right at home with HUGO Your Way. “What I really like about this collection is that it’s very street, and I really like how bold their pieces are. It really speaks to me because I try to be as unique as I can.”

As for his favorite piece of the collection, he goes for the classic sweater that marries stylishness and practicality. “It’s very classic, it’s something I can wear multiple times.” 

More so than looking the part, HUGO’s latest collection allows you to march to the beat of your own drum, something Blue Zoleta embodies. “#HugoYourWay means free-flowing, being myself, and just going with whatever happens in life, which is kind of like my style. I just wear whatever I want to wear, I don’t fit with whatever is in the trends, I just do me.”

While you can never go wrong with all-black, a pop of color will always elevate the look, which is why Blue gravitated towards a stylish button-down. “I really love loud colors so wearing something all black with a touch of color always catches my eye.”


Familiar faces embellish the store’s walls as well, and we bet you already know who we’re talking about.

Headlining the HUGO Spring/Summer 2023 campaign are three iconic personalities from this generation – American model, actor, and skateboarder Evan Mock, American singer, dancer, and actress Tinashe, and Filipino-born American singer and TikTok superstar Bella Poarch. They have claimed the spotlight for themselves without succumbing to conventions, embodying the HUGO philosophy in every way. 

Get inspired by Evan’s playful charm, Tinashe’s bold rebellion, or Bella’s strikingly calm confidence when you walk into the HUGO flagship store, and in no time you’ll find yourself strutting out with a fresh bold look and reverberating conviction to match.

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In the Philippines, HUGO is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at R1 Level, Power Plant Mall, Makati. Visit, subscribe to our SSI LIFE YouTube Channel, and follow @ssilifeph on Instagram and Facebook for more information.