How You Can Help The Victims Of Typhoon Paeng

Any amount helps

As thousands continue to recover following Typhoon Paeng, here’s a list of donation drives and volunteer efforts you can support to help those in need.

On October 27 and continuing into the long Halloween weekend, the Philippine was hit with yet another natural disaster as Tropical Storm Paeng (internationally known as Nalgae) barreled its way through the country. From Cotobato to Cavite, multiple provinces and hundreds of thousands of people were affected by the typhoon’s onsalught of heavy winds and rain.

As of this writing, over one hundred have sadly lost their lives due to floods and landslides and more than an estimated two million people have been affected. Thousands are still in the need for assistance and with yet another storm on the horizon, they can need all the help they can get. Here’s a list of donation drives where you can donate or other goods to help displaced families and individuals.

donation drive from alay kapwa
donation drive
Typhoon Paeng donation drive from UP Mindanao
Tyhpoon paeng donation drive from AVYAN

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