7 Ways To Handle Online Hate Like Xyriel Manabat

Clapback queen.

Whether you’ve been a victim of online hate or you’re guilty of dishing it out yourself, take a page from Xyriel Manabat’s book of gracefully silencing negativity.

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In the wild world of the internet, Xyriel Manabat knows all too well about the perils of online hate. With her recent comeback to the spotlight, the Dirty Linen star has been through it all, becoming a target of trolls and bashers with unfair and undeserved criticisms particularly hurled at her body. Seriously, people, it’s 2023—can’t we leave the trashy attitudes behind? But despite experiencing the worst of online hate, Xyriel continues to handle this with her wisdom and finesse that shut down critics in the best way possible. So, whether you’ve been on the receiving end of online hate or you’re a hater yourself, take notes from Xyriel on how to handle negativity like a true class act.


Xyriel Manabat

Just recently, the young actress posted a sizzling series of photos for the Star Magic Hot Summer, exuding fiery confidence in every shot. However, a hater took it upon themselves to comment on Xyriel’s armpit hair, of all things! But instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed, Xyriel responds with unapologetic realness: “Uhmm coz tao ako? So what about it?” Her candid and self-assured reply serves as a powerful reminder to embrace ourselves and not let the shallow standards of others define us.


Xyriel Manabat

One cannot help but admire Xyriel Manabat for her strength and wisdom showcased during her Star Magic Hot Summer interview, where she fearlessly tackles toxic comments head-on. When confronted with a body-shaming remark that insensitively points out her past weight, Xyriel gracefully counters by urging us all to shift our focus towards celebrating the positive transformations in others. Rather than dwelling on flaws, she reminds us to appreciate the efforts individuals make to improve their overall well-being. Her response serves as a valuable lesson for all of us, urging us to promote positivity and lift each other up rather than tearing each other down.


Xyriel Manabat

Even in the face of distasteful comments targeting her body, Xyriel Manabat remains smart and graceful. In the same interview, when confronted with a recurring toxic remark about her chest and the potential for harassment, Xyriel fearlessly stands her ground. Her response is firm and assertive: “Baka pwedeng huwag niyo po akong manduhan sa katawan ko.” Xyriel goes on to enlighten the haters, reminding them that sexual harassment is not determined by one’s body type; it exists because harassers exist. Xyriel’s words remind us that we have the right to own our bodies and speak up against those who seek to police or harass us.


Xyriel Manabat

When faced with a toxic comment insinuating that she was only seeking attention on social media and not genuinely embracing her sexy side, Xyriel remains unbothered and delivers a flawless response. “‘Yun po ‘yung goal,” she asserts confidently. “Gusto ko mag-public expression nung picture, nung OOTD, nung makeup look ko. Hindi ko po ‘yan ipopost kung hindi kapansin-pansin. And wala pong mali doon.” Did she lie? Clearly not. Xyriel’s response teaches us that we don’t need to explain ourselves to those who seek to tear us down and that it’s okay to be confident and show off our personal style on social media.


Xyriel Manabat

And Xyriel Manabat’s comeback game doesn’t stop there. In this same Star Magic feature, when faced with yet another unkind comment about her looks, suggesting she’s just sexy and not attractive, Xyriel unleashes her feisty energy. “Aww, baka hindi ka sexy, hindi ka rin maganda,” she retorts with a hint of jest but a powerful impact. Sometimes, bashers truly deserve a taste of their own medicine.

However, Xyriel doesn’t stop there. She follows up with a reasonable statement, urging others to refrain from putting people down and instead find ways to make positive comments. Her wise and witty clapbacks show that we have the power to control how we react to negativity and that we should never let others dictate how we should feel about ourselves.


Xyriel Manabat

When Xyriel Manabat is asked about her personal experience with online bashing and how she manages to overcome it, she reveals a life-changing incident where people created lewd edits of her photos and even claimed that she deserved to be sexually harassed because of her body. Xyriel candidly shares that despite the expectation for celebrities to brush off such toxic comments, the blatant objectification has deeply affected her mental well-being.

Taking proactive steps to address the attacks, which happened when she was just a minor, she sought legal actions and prioritized her mental health by undergoing therapy. Xyriel’s resilience shines through as she expresses, “Ayoko pong nagpapatalo kapag ako ‘yung nasa tama, so marami akong binangga na alam kong kailangan kong i-educate, especially ‘yung mga close-minded person.” This tells us that when online attacks cross boundaries, it becomes crucial to respond not by simply enduring, but by taking proactive measures to educate and teach the haters a valuable lesson.


Xyriel Manabat

And what better way to conclude this story than with some wise words from Xyriel Manabat herself. She imparts a powerful message, urging everyone to embrace self-love in a social landscape that often breeds hate. “Love your body wholly,” she advises, emphasizing that seeking validation from others can be a trap. Xyriel encourages us to embrace our bodies fully, acknowledging that they are not flaws or losses but unique and beautiful.

She reminds us that we are the only ones with our unique bodies and that we should celebrate and love them. So, the next time a troll comes your way, remember that their opinions don’t matter, and know that you are enough. “Embrace [your body,] flaunt it, and love it,” Xyriel continues, stressing that we deserve to be respected and valued for who we are.

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