How This Young Creative Manages Living Alone In Her Own Apartment

Living alone diaries.

Angelu has always had it planned on moving out on their own. From budget to expenses, here’s how the young creative does it.

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If you want to know how independent a person is, ask about their living situation. Getting to live on your own is considered one of the biggest signs of independence. You’re out of the nest and make a space of your own as you live your life independently. Owning your own house, apartment, or condo, especially at a young age, is the dream, but it remains that to many because of how tough the housing market is out there these days, not to mention how most starting salaries aren’t enough to meet the living expenses of the Metro.

Needless to say, it’s not easy, but it can be done, which is a lifestyle Angelu has been living for around two years now. The content creator stands out from many in their generation because not only have they moved out of their parents’ house, but they also make it by living alone in an apartment they pay for with their own income. But beyond the independence and experience the set-up offers, living alone in your 20s can be a challenge, though Angelu has proven that you can make do as long as you plan accordingly.


Angelu, who is a full-time Writer and Editor and does various freelance creative work such as Social Media Management and Graphic Design, has always planned on moving out of their parents’ home. “My childhood home only had 3 rooms so I grew up sharing a bedroom with my sister. I never had an actual room of my own growing up so having my own place has always been the goal,” they share.

Before Angelu went house hunting, they first had to save up money and disposable income for the big move, taking on various jobs in the creative industry to build up the needed funds. Those preparations also included, among other things, having the funds to pay for a two-month deposit, one month’s rent, and an emergency fund.

Once that was settled, it was on to finding the right place. According to Angelu, who rents a low-rise apartment, they did extensive research and established criteria before they found the perfect place online through a website. Moving to your own place, especially if you don’t plan on sharing the rent with roommates, is not just picking a space you like. Multiple factors come with the big life decision. For Angelu, that meant researching the area and making sure the location met all their non-negotiables, such as the place not exceeding a ceiling price they set for themselves. They eventually settled on an apartment in Mandaluyong.

After that, it was time for them to turn the apartment into their new home, which meant buying new furniture. “I just really wanted it to feel like me,” Angelu shares. “I didn’t want it to look sooo curated that it almost looks like a showroom. I want it to reflect my personality, less about it being perfect and put-together, and more about being cozy and homey.”


To say that adulting isn’t easy is the understatement of the year. Living alone comes with all sorts of responsibilities and tasks that can be overwhelming. Angelu considers themselves to be financially stable, so they pay for all the bills, from the rent, water, electricity, groceries, and so much more. And this is on top of her work responsibilities and spending part of her income to support her parents, both of whom are retired. There are bills to be paid and needs to be met. And while it’s a journey some wouldn’t want out in the world, Angelu is open about their experiences as a 20s-something living alone in Metro Manila.

In fact, Angelu has a following on TikTok with their living alone diaries as they let people in on their independent experiences and expenses. A peek into their videos shows that Angelu has to juggle a lot on their plate. “I do get overwhelmed,” admits Angelu. “But I guess that’s a normal part of living independently. As someone who pays my own bills, and also supports my parents, keeping track of everything is the key to avoiding overspending.” Their tool of choice? “I keep track of everything on Notion.”

So, is living independently the dream that many imagine it to be? According to Angelu, it has its moments, with peace and quiet, and control being some of their favorites. “I can just decide right now to redecorate everything in this space tomorrow, and no one can stop me. I can eat a slice of cake for dinner and no one can question that decision. Also, having friends over. I love hosting Scrabble nights in my place.”

Though, Angelu’s job does get overwhelming at times to the point where they sometimes neglect their other needs. “Days when I’m swamped with so much work that I have no time to prepare my own food so I just end up not eating.”

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Still, getting to live alone for a few years has helped Angelu grow as a person and show them new sides of themselves that they never knew they had. In particular, the experience has taught Angelu how capable they are. “I used to think I don’t have the talent for cooking. Turns out, I just never tried enough. Now that I have my own place, I’m free to try everything and experiment. I assemble furniture, I carry my own groceries, and I keep my plants alive. I can do a lot of things.”


As of the moment, Angelu doesn’t see herself leaving their rented apartment for a place they can fully own. “Owning a place? In this economy? Haha, as someone supporting myself and my parents, getting my own place is for the far future.” They currently see themselves staying in their current apartment or possibly moving to a bigger place to live with their girlfriend.

Living that independent life in your own place is up there on the vision board for many. And Angelu wants people to know that, while living alone naturally entails spending less time with your family, that doesn’t mean you should feel alone all the time. “It’s only lonely if you isolate yourself. Living on your own shouldn’t be an excuse to isolate yourself. Reach out to your friends and maintain connections.”

As for other young people out there who are thinking of getting their own place, Angelu suggests keeping in mind security, accessibility, and good energy as top criteria. Also, take it from Angelu and don’t rush things. It’s a big life decision that requires proper planning and preparation. It’s not a race to see who can live on their own first. “It’s so easy to feel pressure from all the big influencers online living solo in a huge 2-bedroom condo. But everyone has their own timing. I used to live in a small dorm with 5 strangers before I was able to live on my own. Just because you can’t make it happen now, doesn’t mean it never will.”

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