star magic all-star games 2024

7 Highlights From The Star Magic All-Star Games That Had The Crowd Going Wild

Pop culture meets sports.

From BINI taking over the show to DonBelle’s endless support for each other, the Star Magic All-Star Games 2024 had no shortage of cheer-worthy moments.

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It’s always a hype-worthy experience when your favorite artists come together to do something new, and you can cheer them on for reasons other than what they’re known for. The Star Magic All-Star Games have always existed to let stars collaborate with other stars, athletes, and even creators, and allow them to show off their athletic abilities in games of friendly competition. This year, at the Araneta Coliseum, the All-Star Games featured your favorite stars in teams playing basketball and volleyball as fans cheered each them on.

From BINI Mikha earning herself consecutive volleyball titles to Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s adorable free-throw moment, the Star Magic All-Star Games had the people talking and cheering. If you somehow missed highlights from the event, we’ve rounded up a handful of moments for anyone who loves pop culture, sports, or both. Check them out below.


If you were tuned in to the Games just for BINI, no one could blame you. The Nation’s Girl Group put on a performance at the Star Magic All-Star Games which had the entire Coliseum singing and dancing along to their hits Karera and Pantropiko. The girls, especially Maloi, were feeling themselves. Super Bowl halftime performance who? BINI has definitely come a long way from their Pit a Pat performance at the 2022 edition of the Games. In general, BINI was a major highlight of the Games, proving that even if someone wasn’t a BLOOM when they came in, they were definitely a BLOOM when they came out.


She served—in all senses of the word. BINI’s Mikha Lim of team Lady Setters was the trending topic of the Games, whether it was because people were talking about her volleyball skills or the way she pouted when BINI wasn’t there to support her yet. Mikha also earned the title of Best Setter and a spot on the Mythical Six.

Mikha and BINI leader Jhoanna also recreated a photo of theirs from last years Games, where Jhoanna took Mikha’s Best Setter and Mythical Six medals to pose with.


The way the rest of the group was so supportive of Mikha has us feeling soft. That’s girlhood right there with how Mikha basically had her own personal cheer squad who gave 110% of their love.


@abscbn Belle, tumira ng tres, shoot sa puso ni Donny! 🤭 #DonBelle #StarMagicAllStarGames2024 #ABSCBN #Kapamilya #fyp ♬ Dilaw – Maki

A handful of sports romance tropes were personified by Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano as they arrived supporting basketball team Shooting Stars Blue. When Donny asked for a substitute, Belle stepped up to the plate for a free throw. There’s no limit to these two’s support for each other, FR.


@abscbnpr Star Magic Shooting Stars Blue versus Cong's Anbilibabol Basketball Team! 🔥🏀 THE COURT IS SET AND THE SPOTLIGHT IS ON FOR #StarMagicGames2024 !🔥 At kung #SuperKapamilya member ka, you get EXCLUSIVE access to the LIVESTREAM & FULL VOD! #abscbn #abscbnpr #kapamilya #foryoupage #fyp #congtv #cong #teampayaman #ronniealonte #donnypangilinan ♬ original sound – ABS-CBN PR

Seeing personalities and talents across different media industries play with and against each other in basketball and volleyball was the very reason people came to watch—and they definitely didn’t disappoint. The interactions between, for instance, Donny Pangilinan and creator Cong, were a fun and wholesome show of sportsmanship.


The girls showed up and showed out with their support for the basketball team, with Belle, Loisa Andalio, Francine Diaz, and Chie Filomeno cheering on their friends and colleagues during the games. Anyone else getting flashbacks to their own school intramurals?


Aside from the sports, the crossovers, the adorable moments between loveteams, people definitely attended to catch a glimpse of BINI. From Chie Filomeno’s BINI graphic tee (Chie, link please!) to Denise Julia attending the event, Araneta Coliseum was filled with BLOOMs supporting the girls.

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