Here’s All You Need To Know About ‘Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience’

Cue 'Voltes V No Uta' please.

A project that took a decade to be made, ‘Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience’ gives you a glimpse into one of Philippine television’s biggest and most ambitious offerings yet.

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Finally, the long wait is over as Voltes V: Legacy, the proudly Pinoy live-action adaptation of the famed Japanese mecha series is just weeks away from its premiere on primetime television. From hearing its iconic theme song (that’s been running in our heads on repeat for years now) once again to seeing Voltes V’s laser sword, flying saucers, the Boazanian skull ship, and all the action-packed setpieces, the excitement and nostalgia is on another level. 

But before we get to see it on our small screen, we first get to witness the much-anticipated show on the big screen with Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience. And to be honest, this is the most ideal way to introduce to us one of the most ambitious and expansive Filipino productions to date and experience it in its full glory. We know you’ve been looking forward to this since time immemorial so let’s get to it and know all the details about how you can enjoy and what to expect about Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience.


So let’s start with the basics. What will be the movie version of the Voltes V: Legacy show about? Apparently, the Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience will let us experience the first three weeks of this groundbreaking offering.

In this epic retelling of the beloved anime, three brothers, Steve Armstrong (Miguel Tanfelix), Big Bert (Matt Lozano), and Little Jon Armstrong (Raphael Landicho), teams up with their friends Jamie Robinson (Ysabel Ortega) and Mark Gordon (Radson Flores) to defend Earth from humanoid alien invaders known as Boazanians. An action-packed drama that’s a touching story of love for family, prepare for one thrilling and heartwarming cinematic experience.


The Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience is now exclusively screening in SM Cinemas and will have a limited promotional run from April 19 to April 25. You can now buy your tickets via, SM Cinema app, and SM Cinema ticket counters. You can also check the full schedule and list of cinemas below where it’s currently showing. Meanwhile, Voltes V: Legacy will premiere on GMA Network this coming May 8, 2023.  


When the Voltes V: Legacy mega trailer dropped earlier this year, among those who expressed their love and support was Toei Company Ltd., the Japanese company behind the original Voltes V series. On their website, Toei hails GMA Network, local licensor Telesuccess Productions, Inc., director Mark Reyes, and the entire Filipino production team for their hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm in taking on the gargantuan task of adapting Voltes V into a live-action series in the modern times.

Voltes V: Legacy cast poster

And during the premiere night and live media conference of Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience last April 18, Toei Company, Ltd.’s President and CEO Fumio Yushimura shared some encouraging words once more about Voltes V: Legacy. “With its refined design, overwhelming creativity and ingenuity, coupled with intense battle action, Voltes V achieved a powerful presence that is perfectly condensed in a masterpiece worthy of the term “Legacy,” which is a true testament to the passion, dedication and enthusiasm of talented Filipino production staff and cast members,” says Yushimura.  

“We hope that this excellent Philippine production will be seen around Asia and throughout the world for everyone’s entertainment and enjoyment,” he adds. A 100% Pinoy adaptation of an iconic anime going worldwide? We’re here for it. 


Perhaps one of the things that you’re looking forward to the most is reliving and jamming to the ever-nostalgic Voltes V theme song. And you won’t be disappointed as the Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience offers you just the right experience. Filipina singer-host Julie Anne San Jose has given a new life to the iconic theme song that was originally performed by Mitsuko Horie. Ready yourselves to sing along in the cinemas every time the Voltes V members volt in. You don’t want to miss it.


Oh and just a reminder, don’t leave the cinemas just yet when the credits start rolling. Because just like your favorite superhero movie, Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience has an exclusive post-credits scene that you should not miss!


And if you need more reasons to finally grab those tickets and catch Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience then let Dingdong Dantes himself convince you. “Grabe, nakakaiyak,” says the primetime king, so be sure to have some tissues with you in the cinemas. Former Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo further shares that the movie has surpassed her already high expectations.

Other influencers and Voltes V fans, who were also at the premiere night, commend the show for being faithful to the original series, having great CGI and special effects, and assembling a “perfect” cast. And as another audience aptly puts it, it seems that Voltes V: Legacy is truly “worth the wait.”

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