Haven Is Here To Give Us The Situationship Masterclass We Needed 

May we find that ride or die in life.

For her upcoming debut album, Haven reflects on the ups and downs of her past situationships. 

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If you’ve ever found yourself in a scenario where you’re with someone but don’t have clear rules or structure and just coasting on without the commitment you’d find in the typical relationship, then you’re probably been in a situationship. Like with being in love and dealing with any relationship, situationships can be a messy and complicated thing to navigate. It gets even tougher when you’re young as your ideas of what love and life are get turned upside down. This is something Haven is all too familiar with. Like many Gen Z, Haven has experienced her fair share of situationships, and that takes center stage in her upcoming era. 


For her latest single, Ride or Die, the young musician infuses R&B and pop to explore love and the impact on her journey thus far. These major changes are what guided her on her debut album, set for a release later this year. And as Haven sees it, she’s excited for the world to hear her vulnerable confession of love and life. “In the process of writing this album, I have learned more about myself, not only as an artist but as a person. My sincere wish is that my listeners will connect with the music on a profound level, finding solace, empathy, and connection with the music,” she tells NYLON Manila. 


Most young women don’t have these pivotal moments of youth blared for the world to see. But most young women aren’t Haven, and, she’s hopeful for her story to touch people in ways only music can. And, as Haven delves into all things situationships, it feels right that she can count on the patron saint of situationships herself, Denise Julia, as a friend. “My admiration and support for her runs deep, and I would jump at the chance to collaborate with her on another song in the future,” she gushes on Denise, whom she collaborated with on the track No Hard Feelings

Before the release of Ride or Die, we got the chance to chat with Haven as she opened up about her new era, upcoming album, working with Filipino musicians, and more. Read on below to see what she had to say. 

Why did you feel that Ride or Die would serve as the first release from your upcoming debut album? 

‘Ride or Die’ symbolizes the first stages of falling in love, often described as “love at first sight”, which is why the cover art exclusively features my eyes. During this phase, we tend to idealize the person that we are drawn to, believing that they are flawless, and impulsively labeling them as “the one” – someone you would sacrifice anything for. ‘Ride or Die’ serves as the opening chapter of the narrative I’ve crafted, sharing my personal journey with situationships. The upcoming songs I have in store continues to unravel that story. I honestly can’t wait just thinking about it.

What was your favorite part of working on the song? 

This song sets the tone on where the album is headed as it is the intro song. My favorite part would be being in the studio and brainstorming ways to capture a particular emotion. It brought immense joy and passion, aligning perfectly with the vision I had for this album. 

⁠As you embarked on making your album, were there any challenges you faced along the way? And if so, how did you overcome them?

Releasing my debut album marks a significant milestone in my journey as a musician. After eight years of sharing my music with the world, this project stands out as my most ambitious project yet. It was a lot of pressure as I didn’t know what my listeners would want or expect, and curating the perfect tracklist was no small feat. However, the unwavering support from both my company and fans has been a constant source of reassurance. I’m more than confident that the album will showcase and encapsulate how “HAVEN” is going to be established in the music industry. I hope that my album will resonate with my listeners.

⁠What can listeners expect from your debut album and what do you hope they take away from it? 

Prepare for a whole lot of vulnerability, a rollercoaster of emotions and comfort. This album encapsulates the stages of love I have experienced growing up. While I was writing the songs, I felt isolated as I wasn’t sure that anyone would truly understand how I felt. Pouring my heart into this project, I yearn for it to resonate with those who share similar experiences. Through my heartbreaks, many artists like Ariana Grande and more, have helped me move on and feel less alone. 

I hope to do the same for anyone who is going through similar challenges. In the process of writing this album, I have learnt more about myself, not only as an artist but as a person. My sincere wish is that my listeners will connect with the music on a profound level, finding solace, empathy, and connection with the music. 


⁠What advice would you give to other Gen Z on how to handle a situationship?

Embrace the journey of learning, self-reflection, and growth. I’ve been in one too many situationships to know the joy and pain it brings. At the same time, I’ve learnt so much about myself through these relationships. Though they may not have been labeled as ‘relationships’ per se, I invested my heart and soul into each one. I have never regretted it because I was honest with myself. 

My mom would always console me in moments of heartache, she reminded me that loving deeply, despite the outcome, is a courageous act. My advice to all my listeners, embrace your truth unapologetically. If love does not endure, use it as an opportunity for further self-discovery and self-love. Regretting what might have been serves no purpose; instead, cherish the beauty of the experience and growth it brings. 

What was it like getting to work with Denise Julia on No Hard Feelings? 

It was such a blast working with her, she is so talented, and our song ‘No hard feelings’ couldn’t have had a better feature artist. Her new album is out and best believe I’ve been streaming her songs. She is one of the most cheerful artists I’ve worked with and I can’t wait to watch her perform live again. My admiration and support for her runs deep, and I would jump at the chance to collaborate with her on another song in the future! 

You’ve collaborated with a handful of Filipino artists like Kyle Echarri and Denise Julia. How is your experience like working with musicians from the Philippines and are there other local artists you’d want to collaborate with?

My first trip to the Philippines left an impact on me and I was genuinely taken aback by the remarkable worth ethic and talent I encountered. Visiting Manila at just 15 years old was a transformative experience that still resonates with me to this day. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have collaborated with such dedicated individuals.

I would love to work with IV of Spade. Their music captivated me and I fell in love with it from the moment I stumbled upon one of their songs. I think we would produce such a banger together. IV of Spade, if you’re reading this, please hit me up! 

How do you manage to balance being a public figure with being a young woman exploring the world? 

Growing up in the industry has shaped the person I am today. Living in the public eye means that my whole journey is being documented, and my mistakes can feel magnified. It’s an immense pressure to bear. There was a part of my journey where I isolated myself, bathing in my own grief and regrets, which took a toll on my mental health. 

There’s a quote that came as a beacon of hope through my tough moments. “Break-downs are breakthroughs”. I honestly couldn’t have made it through those tough times without my label, they brought a new sense of motivation and strength in me that I never knew I could have, which honestly changed my view on life completely. No one ever teaches you the learning curves of life, whether you are an artist or not. 

To this day I’m still learning and growing. What keeps my balance is the people that I’m surrounded by. I am fortunate enough to say that I have friends and family who will pick me up when I’m down and their constant love and belief in me, helped me overcome my struggles. In my opinion, there will never be “true balance” in Life. Life always has a way of surprising you, but I’ve learnt to find my peace in the chaos.


⁠By the time 2024 comes to an end, what are you hoping to achieve? 

I know it’s gonna sound very ambitious, but I feel very optimistic about the potential success of my album on a global scale. My heartfelt wish is for my songs to strike a chord with listeners and help them overcome their struggles with love. Looking ahead, I aspire to reflect on this album with a sense of pride and closure, knowing that I poured my heart and soul into every track.  

If you could describe how you want the year to go in three words, what would those be?

Happy, Wealthy, and Wins.

Photos courtesy of Wild Entertainment 

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