Gian Bernardino Core: 10 Of The Cup of Joe Vocalist’s Most Hilarious Moments

Gian Core: 10 Of The Cup of Joe Vocalist’s Most Hilarious Moments

Poet ng Bayan.

The talented and ever-so-witty Gian Bernardino not only has us vibing to Cup of Joe’s music, but also crying of laughter.

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Gian, Gian, Gian…sa kantahan o tawanan, lagi’t lagi kang maaasahan. Okay…that’s enough of that. We may not be as proficient in spoken word as Gian Bernardino of Baguio-based band Cup of Joe, but we do enjoy his humor and his jokes—as do much of the population. The co-lead vocalist has gone viral plenty of times, primarily due to his spoken word poetry and his out-of-pocket antics that are somehow both totally expected of him at this point and also completely unexpected (and always entertaining).

The talented young singer, songwriter, and musician (and Cup of Joe in general) is always a vibe, like that friend you love having around. So, if you’re looking for a new Gen Z icon to stan, or if you’re wondering where else the band excels in besides music, look no further. We’ve rounded up a few moments where Gian Bernardino was a comedy legend (and Poet ng Bayan).



para san ba ang tong

♬ Kiss the Rain – Elise Bechstein

Outside of his work with Cup of Joe, Gian’s gone viral many times over for his spoken word poetry. Having been brought to recent virality this year by Kween Yasmin and other Poets ng Bayan (AKA Gian, for instance, and even BINI and the famed Alamat ng Mangga), the comedic take on spoken word is peak humor, actually. Gian can easily come up with the wittiest, often most chaotic rhymes on stage or on the spot. That’s a songwriter, period.


@allforgian ✍🏻 spoken word poetry: WISH #cupofjoe #coj #gianbernardino #spokenwordpoetry #fyp ♬ original sound – allforgian

You can’t deny the conviction and effort with which Gian crafts his art—and we’re not just talking about music. As the resident OA of Cup of Joe, the singer-songwriter commits to the performance aspect of his spoken word poetry as well as he commits to his actual musical performances.


Much of the amusement comes from never anticipating what Gian’s about to say next during his performances (or anywhere, at any time). His poems are almost always suggestive, and it’s so much fun to watch. The level of unhinged his spoken word poetry gets seems to be limitless, and no one wants him to stop.


Like many of us, Gian’s a big fan of SB19. He’s been open about relating to and being inspired by the band, as well as about loving their music. Recently, as SB19 member Justin de Dios dropped his debut solo single surreal, Gian posted about how the song made him feel. He also made a stan Twitter-worthy post when the musician followed him back on Instagram. Papuri sa Dios, indeed. He’s just like us.


It’s like instinct at this point for him. And to be fair, it’s pretty addicting to do. Seeing three words in succession could trigger the spoken word poet residing in him at all times, and even Taylor Swift wasn’t exempt.


If Gian Bernardino were to be described by a saying, it would probably be “never let them know your next move.” Over on fellow musicians Over October’s TikTok behind-the-scenes vlog, Gian took over the camera and gave us more than just a little sneak peek.


@joewah.era AYAN KASE #cupofjoe #cupofjoemusic #giraph ♬ original sound – joewahera

Gian with the barely-there filter and his fellow bandmates have audience interaction down to a T. Cup of Joe fans are pretty much besties with the band, what with them often joking around together like old friends. When co-vocalist Rapha jokes about headlocking a fan with a sign begging him to, Gian hilariously bats with “nagseselos ako!” The immediate barks of laughter and the “huys” were icing on the cake.


@gian.pb quick reality check ng isang irreg na working student #back2school ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

Besides being a musician performing at some of the biggest stages in the nation, Gian has also just been a student. Having taken up dentistry at the University of Baguio, the artist sometimes chronicled his student life escapades on TikTok. From his commentary to the ever-relatable rants about the struggles of being a student, every vlog is a treat to watch. Relatable icon.


@alamat_jao #travel ♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

Somebody alert the scientists that living proof of chaos supernovas exist in the form of Gian and Jao from ALAMAT. The labelmates and friends share a humor code that’s ridiculous and unpredictable—which always makes for an amusing time. Their TikToks together are peak young Pinoy absurdity.


@potatoooooooe spoken poetry “RIZAL” by gian (nahihiya pa sha niyan 😭) #fyp #fypシ #cupofjoe #gianbernardino ♬ original sound – asawa ni mingyu – nicoleee

No matter how many times Gian says he’s too shy to do a spoken word poem, don’t believe him. He’s always locked and loaded with one, and his filter is barely there, so always expect the unexpected.

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